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I am on the phone with Brian Waterman at Star Metro right this minute
and have tried to ask some of your questions -  this is what Brian has
to say:

re: malls - they are going into the malls; specifically to the
Governor's Square back door by Talbolts.

re: nights and weekends
Weekdays will be for 13 daytime hours + 3 additional night hours.

Saturday service is the same as weekday service except they are not
going to the three place people generally go for work: Southwood,
Innovation Park & North of I-10 on Thomasville Road. Hours of
operation for all other buses on Saturday will be 11 hours.

Sundays will have 6 hours of service which is the same as it is now.

Nights & Sundays will have one additional destination - the WalMart on
W Tennessee Street.

re: safety - TPD has agreed to make transfer points a part of their
daily patrols, and Star Metro hope to do so with LCSO. Wait times
between transfer points will be as short as possible, no more than
10-20 minutes. If possible, they will move lighting where needed.
Grants for audible signalsare being applied for. Sidewalks will be in
place or under construction before the new system and routes take

Brain also said there will be a new report about the bus system on the
website by this Friday at www.talgov.com/commision/meetings/index.cfm

For questions call Briandirectly at his desk line at 891-5564

Hope that helps,

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