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RELEASED: November 4, 2009


On November 3rd Povidi NZ LTD announced the availability of the
SoundPost Orientation System for customers who live in North America.

SoundPost is the first orientation solution of its kind offering vision
impaired customers an unparalleled means of safely identifying a desired
location while traveling throughout their community. SoundPost consists
of a hand controller that the user holds to locate strategically placed
base stations which can be mounted to doorways, light posts, ambiguous
bus stops, etc.

As the user travels within the vicinity of a base station, the hand
controller emits either a vibration, a tone, or a spoken word to orient
the user to the base station. The end result is that SoundPost completes
the solutions that other orientation and mobility devices do not by
actually enabling the user to effortlessly find desired locations in
real time.

Check out this video which shows SoundPost in action:


<http://www.povidi.com/SoundPost_Demo.html> htt


Povidi has partnered with Flying Blind, LLC to provide access to this
solution throughout North America. Povidi's founder, Darryl Sherwood,
and Flying Blind, LLC's founder, Larry Lewis, have a rich history of
bringing innovative solutions to market, as evidenced by within their
past collaborations at Pulse Data International.

"We're ecstatic to be bringing such a life-changing, affordable solution
to the North American continent," comments Sherwood. "SoundPost will
enable tens of thousands of individuals who are vision impaired to
independently locate those hard to find places throughout their
neighborhoods at a price point far less than one might expect."

"I am both humbled and privileged that Darryl asked for my assistance
with SoundPost," states Lewis. "Darryl has a real passion for creating
solutions that make a tangible difference to those of us who are blind."

Povidi is currently working to introduce SoundPost into a number of
educational and corporate settings, in addition to meeting the needs of
those individuals that might wish to integrate this solution into their
own neighborhoods. The SoundPost Orientation Base Station and Hand
controller run on off-the-shelf batteries, and the batteries on the base
station only require changing every nine months.

For more information about the SoundPost Orientation System please visit
http://www.povidi.com <http://www.povidi.com/>
ZHAEhC-0u1CLZiB7pcfrDkZW0A==> > , which has a wealth of information
about SoundPost as well as its initial launch in New Zealand.

To purchase a SoundPost Hand Controller, Base Station, or a Kit which
includes 1 Hand Controller and 2 Base Stations, simply visit
http://www.flying-blind.com/ <http://www.flying-blind.com/>
UbOG2sD9eA8WMDM1-63sZcOuEg==> > and select the appropriate "Add to Cart"

North American customers may also e-mail soundpost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to
receive additional information about purchasing, receiving, and
installing this solution throughout their respective environments.

SoundPost Base Station Price: US$195.00

SoundPost Hand Controller Price: US$175.00

SoundPost Kit (1 Hand Controller and 2 Base Stations): US$545.00


<http://www.flying-blind.com/images/spacer.gif> > 

| Flying Blind, LLC | 955 Pembrook Road | Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44121

<http://www.flying-blind.com/images/spacer.gif> > 

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