[tabi] new Killearn Publix, part 1

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  • Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 13:23:29 -0500

Hi all,

Allie is all excited about the new Publix, so she wanted to do a description
for everyone on TABI: both the layout, and a review of various things.


Hello, TABI Peeps,

I was at the Grand Opening of the new Publix, and as promised, they have a
map and an aisle listing.  So I thought I'd take a minute and give you the
aisle listing and then work on a description of the map for you all in a
separate email.  (That will explain where aisles listed as "Pharmacy" or
"Dairy" are located in the store.)

Before I begin, a mini-review:

If you love to cook, you'll love it--they have so much more than the other
store, including every ingredient you can think of, both basic and gourmet,
and everything you need to cook including cookware, small appliances and

If you don't love to cook, you'll love it--they have a full pharmacy,
separate sections for organic, wine and gourmet cheese, expanded bakery,
salad bar, a hot bar with Chinese food and 4 soups-of-the-day, a vastly
expanded section of hot deli foods and a sandwich bar.

They also have scores of people to help you.  Whenever we asked where an
item was located, the Publix staff told us and then wanted to take us to the

The only downside to the new store is that the aisles are fairly narrow, a
little wider than 2 carts across.  And it was crowded for the Grand Opening,
of course.  (You would think people in Tallahassee had never seen a grocery

If this is the Publix that is convenient for you, it will be so worth the
effort to relearn the layout of the store, so without further ado, the aisle


Item and Aisle
Ammonia 10
Apple Sauce     3
Baby Needs      Pharmacy
Bar Soap        Pharmacy
Batteries       8
Beer-Cold       12
Bleaches        10
Bread   11
Brooms-Mops     10     
Cake Mixes      6
Candles 10
Candy   7
Cereals 5
Charcoal        9
Cheese  Dairy
Cleaners        10
Cocoa   5
Coffee  5
Cookies-Crackers        2
Dairy Products  Dairy
Dietetic Foods  5
Disinfectants   10
Dog Food        8
Eggs    Dairy
Ethnic Foods    4
Extracts        6
Flour   6
Frozen Food     13-15
Fruits, Canned  3
Fruits, Dried   6
Gelatins        6
Grits   5
Honey   5
Insecticides    9
Jellies 5
Juices, Canned  2
Ketchup 6
Light Bulbs     8
Macaroni        3
Margarine       Dairy
Marshmallows    7
Matches 9
Mayonnaise      6
Meal    6
Meats, Canned   4
Medicine        Pharmacy
Milk, Canned    5
Moth Balls      10
Mushrooms, Canned       3
Mustard 6
Nuts, Canned    12
Oats    5
Oils    6
Olives  6
Paper Goods  9
Peanut Butter  5
Pet Foods 8     
Pickles 6
Pie Crust       6
Popcorn 12
Potato Chips    12
Prunes  6
Raisins 6
Rice    3
Salad Dressing  6
Salt    6
Sauces, Meat    6
Seafood, Canned 4
Soap - Detergents       10
Soda, Baking    6      
Soft Drinks     11
Soup    4
Spaghetti, Dried        3
Spices  6
Sugar   6
Syrup   5
Tea     5
Tissue  9
Tomato Paste    3
Toothpicks      9
Toys/Games      7
Vegetables, Canned      3
Vegetables, Fresh       Produce
Vinegar 6
Water   11
Waxes   10
Wines   Left Wall
Yeast   6


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