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Thanks so much Lynn, this is wonderful news.
this group is using grants to scan in recent, copy-righted material, and
make it available to blind people.  you can sign up and use the library at:
William, it's not the number of books you can read, it's wanting a
particular book, and not being able to get it because NLS only records best
sellers, and bookshare and RFBD are so unreliable, you never know what they
will have.  they tend to also have best sellers.


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 <http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100506/D9FHDPM81.html> New online
library for the visually impaired
The Internet Archive is creating an online library for blind and dyslexic
people. Text-to-speech software helps the visually impaired access digital
books. Currently, compatible electronic books are in short supply. E-books
are becoming more popular.
<http://www.komando.com/downloads/category.aspx?id=8676> Click here for a
free program to manage and convert your e-books. 

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