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and that is the time of your message.


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  thanks! I am sending this at 6:12:M
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  it looks to me, from reading your email header info, that your time zone may 
be off on your pc.  it thinks it's the right time, but it thinks you're in a 
timezone in California.

  If you've got windows xp, go into the control panel, and choose the date and 
time choice.

  this is a dialog with 2 tabs, and you need the second tab, the one for 
timezone.  so, just press control tab to move yourself to the second tab.

  in here just keep pressing the tab key until you find the timezone list box, 
and see if it is set to something other than Eastern time, U.S./Canada (which 
is what you need).

  I think you'll find it's Pacific time, and so pressing up arrow 3 times 
should take you to eastern time.  press ok and you should be set.

  It's a slightly different choice in the control panel if you're using vista, 
and I can't remember for certain what it is, you'll just need to check under 
"date", and if it's not there, under "time", until you find it.




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    hi everybody, something strange is happening! my computer will say the time 
is: 4:49pm, but the email I sent out will say that I sent it out 3 to 5 hours 
later! why is that? and how can I fix it?
    from the guy that knows nothing about everything,and everything about 
    K4NKZ Jim Ardin email: k4nkz@xxxxxxxxxxx

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