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I appreciate your words of concern for us, but,

I must warn,

it is much safer telling people what it is you can't do.

It is the only way to get it fixed so that you soon will have it so that you 
can do.

Because you are a brave person who always strives to serve your fellowmen,

why wouldn't they fix it for you!
Speak your mind!

Don't worry!



Because you are who you are and,

Because America is the great country it is,

we won't be left out!

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  You are correct in saying there are no guarantees when it comes to life. it 
is a crap shoot. A person steps out boldly from the curb of life with the 
mobility skills we have and takes their chances. You are asking for a guarantee 
for city services? You mean like the electricity want never go out? The water 
will never be turned off? The trash will always be picked up?

  Look at the changes Star Metro has made to their plan so far. We asked for a 
route description and they gave it to us. Robert asked for the Village Square 
change and they did that. 

  Let us not do a "Blackjack" here and tell Star metro if they want play by our 
rules then we will not play,. the intersections where the transfer points are, 
need to be made as safe as humanly possible for EVERYONE. This is what we need 
to tell the city commission. 

  It scares me to tell anyone, what I can't do. That puts me in a vulnerable 
position in their eyes.  

  We need to work with Star Metro or we are going to be left on the curb as the 
bus passes us by. 

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    Chip,  After much consideration and Soule searching, I am with you 100 
percent.  I am one who has been hit at an audible crossing. I am certainly for 
decentralization but more work needs to be done and as Heather said Star Metro 
does transportation/buses not Sidewalks, Audible signals or Police Safety.  
They can only educate but it is up to other departments to do there part and so 
far there are no guarantees.


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      hi all,

      I spoke with a StarMetro planner yesterday, and he said only 2 
intersections of the possible 41 proposed for transfer points, currently have 
audible signals. (I think Lynn did tell us that).

      perhaps, just perhaps, they'll be able to add 10, even 20, in the next 
year, but by no means all of them will get audible signals.

      the point I made to him, and the one I intend to make to the city 
commission unless there is a dramatic change in the plan, is that no 
intersection, even with an audible signal, is safe for a blind person to cross. 
audible signals only make it somewhat safer, but many of our local blind 
residents can testify about being hit.   I don't think even our best, most 
skillful, independent travelers, can say that crossing an intersection such as 
many of those proposed by StarMetro is safe; and, a number of our blind 
residents do not fall into the class of our "most skillful" independent 

      I intend to urge the city commission to deny the entire plan until the 
safety of disable riders can be assured by never requiring a transfer through 
an intersection; StarMetro has got to be forced to come up with another way to 
handle transfers.

      I know others of you have other objections to the plan, and I've heard 
and agree with a lot of them, but this is to me, the single really good one, 
which is good enough to warrant the city commission stopping implementation 
until it is worked out.

      I do support other objections which have been raised, including the one I 
just mentioned that with all the bus stops moving to new locations, they are 
going to be hard to find, and that the routes and the location of stops require 
a lot of walking at times, which itself is also unsafe.  but when I write the 
commission after the plan is submitted to them, I am only going to focus on the 
safety issue, as I think it's the most important, and I don't want to overwhelm 
them in my letter with les important objections.

      I hope all of you will consider writing to the city commission, but not 
until the plan has been submitted to them.  any letters before then are 
evidently just forwarded to StarMetro, without engaging the commissioners' 




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