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    Mr. Waterman, this has to be the most rediculus thing I have ever heard of 
and just shows how unimportant quality public transportation for  disabled 
citizens is to the city.  How can the city pour in money for a party bus when 
disabled citizens aren't able to use the fixed route system because we can't 
find the bus stops or don't fill safe using the current system.  Because of 
this approximately 100 additional disabled people are now forced to use Dial A 
Ride and since the city has not made appropriate financial funding to meet the 
increased demands, not only is the fixed route unusable but Dial A Ride is no 
longer reliable so basically the disabled community is with out reliable 
transportation, but some how can find money to make rich business owners happy. 
 Just because you say the city is looking to get some funding from local 
businessmen doesn't mean that will happen and if implemented, most likely the 
city will end up footing the bill.

I am also curious if Star Metro has considered the impact the federal guide 
lines will have on the party bus.  If it is part of the fixed route, then the 
city would be required to also provide Para transit service in the same area 
and 3/4th of a mile beyond the service area. Was that considered and is it 
factored in to the projected cost.

If the party bus runs in the areas you described, How are people going to get 
from the start and end points when the fixed route system stops.  Are you just 
going to put out the drunks to get hit by vehicles.  Moving them out of the 
down town area doesn't solve the problem.

If local businessmen want to provide transportation to there bars, then let 
them form there own trally company and leave my tax dollars to  fix a already 
broken system.  They could call the new business Puke line transit.

I certainly will make my concerns known to all the city commissioners and hope 
others do as well.



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  Just to address some of the funding concerns. StarMetro is looking at 
operating this route in 2 Phases. The first phase (2 vehicles, 20 minute 
frequency, endpoints: Woodward & Gaines and 6th Avenue & Monroe) is 
approximately $120,000/yr. to operate. If Phase 1 is successful and after we 
get new vehicles (Spring 2014), we would start Phase 2 (3 vehicles, 15 minute 
frequency, endpoints: Woodward & Gaines and Betton & Thomasville) at an annual 
cost of $190,000. We are looking to split these costs with other entities. 


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  In today's Democrat an article on the party-bus says the figure given 
previously for its cost of operation was only for the remainder of this year; 
actually, it is going to cost $190,000 per year to operate.  I really hope 
those of you who are city residents will contact your commissioners and protest 
the use of public money for a free party bus while our current system is 
described by the commissioners as inadequate, and acknowledged that it lacks 
covered shelters (or even benches) at most bus stops!




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