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Just to address some of the funding concerns. StarMetro is looking at operating 
this route in 2 Phases. The first phase (2 vehicles, 20 minute frequency, 
endpoints: Woodward & Gaines and 6th Avenue & Monroe) is approximately 
$120,000/yr. to operate. If Phase 1 is successful and after we get new vehicles 
(Spring 2014), we would start Phase 2 (3 vehicles, 15 minute frequency, 
endpoints: Woodward & Gaines and Betton & Thomasville) at an annual cost of 
$190,000. We are looking to split these costs with other entities.

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In today's Democrat an article on the party-bus says the figure given 
previously for its cost of operation was only for the remainder of this year; 
actually, it is going to cost $190,000 per year to operate.  I really hope 
those of you who are city residents will contact your commissioners and protest 
the use of public money for a free party bus while our current system is 
described by the commissioners as inadequate, and acknowledged that it lacks 
covered shelters (or even benches) at most bus stops!


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