[tabi] medication to aid the totally blind

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  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 16:05:39 -0400

Hi all,
Recently, I've seen on TV a commercial for a medication aimed directly
at totally blind individuals.  The ad says the medication is to help a
sleep disorder called "non-24 hour syndrome", which the ad says afflicts
70% of all totally blind individuals.
For more information you can call their hotline at 844-824-2424 or go to
Even if you don't need the medical help, it was interesting to see an ad
not only aimed at the blind, but all through-out the ad it shows blind
people in a very positive light: performing housekeeping tasks, going to
work places, interacting with their children, all done in a very
independent way.  Each of the persons shown in the ad states that he or
she is totally blind, and gives a little information on the cause of
their blindness.  It also makes it clear that this person may have a
sleep disorder caused by their blindness, but blindness doesn't prevent
them from living a full and independent life.
I've primarily seen this ad during the ABC evening news.
Chip Orange
Florida Public Service Commission
Computer Systems Analyst

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