[tabi] medical reimbursement

  • From: "Chip Orange" <Corange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:12:47 -0400

Just wanted to remind those who are going through open enrollment right
now that your disability costs often can be counted as part of your
medical reimbursement.  This includes costs for obtaining, feeding, and
caring for a guide dog; purchasing specialized equipment or aids for
your vision problem (I've used it to purchase a victor reader for
instance), and of course glasses and other vision aids, as well as
normal medical costs such as medicines, doctor appointments, dental
care, etc (you cannot count the cost of your monthly insurance premium,
but you can count any co-pay costs when you visit a doctor).


Don't just dismiss this without giving it some thought; it allows you to
get an approximate 20 to 25 percent discount on all of these items, and
when you add them all up, they can easily be in the thousands of
dollars.  Any money you don't use for yourself can be used for similar
costs of your spouse or other dependents.  There is a $2500 limit this


It's an easy system to use; you are provided with a special debit card
which is used to make payments for covered costs in place of using your
normal debit or credit card.



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