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Hi Robert,

I don't know if this helps understand things or not, but I've been told that
Donna is retiring, and that's what brought this all on at once, because the
city no longer wants the contract.  That makes me think, as unbelievable as
it sounds, that the city was losing money, but the arrangement was being
continued for Donna's benefit.  I hadn't heard this when I speculated on
Nova 2010 being involved, and this sounds more likely.

Somehow, the city's plans, according to rumor, are to give the CTC  contract
to BigBend for an emergency period of 6 months, and then they'll put it up
for bid.  It wasn't clear to me if Dial-a-ride service was being given to
Big Bend also, but I didn't think so.  Rumor says Sessily Rose, being a
minority contractor, was going to protest this, and claim preferential
status during the bid process.

Hopefully Carl may know more about this.



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Well, I wonder why this doesn't surprise me.  Carl, first of all do you know
if the city doesn't want to be the coordinator any more? What was donnas'
reaction?  Does this proposed change just affect the CTC or are they
proposing that Big Bend also provide the Dial A ride service?  If they are
getting that kind of money, I can't imagine they would want to lose the
contract.  If you do the math, the city is taking about 21.5 percent of the
total budget which I absolutely don't understand since they have 4
reservationist and are currently working with only three.  These
reservationist are already on the city payroll for Dial A ride so I can't
see any justification for the ridiculous broker fee.  Just goes to show
where the city's hart is.  Based on this information the city is charging
about $7.75 for scheduling a round trip based on a round trip costing
$36.00.  It's no wonder we aren't able to have the level of service we have
had in the past.  I would almost bet most of the board members didn't know
the amount the city was charging for coordination. I also don't understand
why the city wouldn't want to continue being the CTC with budgets being what
they are.
With this said, I wonder if Chip might have hit the nail on the head
regarding his remarks about the Nova 2010 plan and the extra burden it will
place on Dial A ride. Politicians will say anything to make things happen
the way they want.  I don't believe for a minute Dial A ride will provide
the level of service they have said they will with the new plan because
Federal guide lines don't require them to and after the deal is done and the
level of service follows federal guide lines which is 3/4 miles out side the
main fixed route system, there is nothing we could do to change it which
means there will be a grater demand of service placed on the non sponsored
When this issue came up the last time, I was against it but now I have to
say I think it might be the best way to go as long as it doesn't include
providing Dial A ride service for the following reasons.  Big Bend was the
coordinator when the non sponsored program began and there was a time when
there wasn't enough money in the past and Big bend did not deign any rides
during that time.  Under the current situation, Big Bend has stepped up to
the plate in an effort to help us by providing the $5 per trips that a lot
of us are using now.  I have known Ted Watters for years and I truly believe
his hart is in the right place.
For the most part, I have found the service from Big Bend to be satisfactory
and if they are the CTC and the main provider, surely they could do it much
I think we should be very skeptical until we know all the facts especially
since they are trying to do it in a meeting not open to the public and so
quickly.  I would think under the Sunshine law they would be required to
have public hearings.

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        At the meeting of the transportation disadvantaged coordinating
board this afternoon
        Coleen Roland  proposed we vote on canceling our contract with Star
Metro as our
        administrative agency in January 201.  The rational was that it
would save money
        that could be used for rides.
        Currently the administrative cost with Star Metro is approximately
280 Thousand,
        out of a budget of 1.3 Million. She estimated by going to a private
contractor we
        could save half of  that.
        Anyway this was so unexpected and in fact it was not even on the
agenda, a couple
        of us objected, and insisted that we have more time to study the
issue, it was delayed
        until next Wednesday for a special meeting of the board at 4
        This may be a good plan particularly if it increases the rides
available, but we
        need to think this through carefully.
        Next Wednesday will not be a public meeting, but in the mean time I
welcome any ideas
        or input from all of you. Simply post it to TABI.
        I should add if the contract is terminated in January, they propose
Big Bend as the
        coordinator or administrator until an RFP can be developed for bids
from private
        providers, that would be implemented in July of 2010
        I am sure is confusing to you as it is to me, but apparently it has
already been
        discussed with city officials and Star Metro, and it is probably a
done deal, since
        Star Metro is under no obligation to renew their contract.
        Now time for your input. Carl

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