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I'm surprised two of you agree with me that the removing of privileges is a bad thing at Disney. I say we as blind people boycott Disney, and Children's Miracle Network do the same. Encourage children who are terminally ill not to go to disney and instead go to Universal Studios Florida. Blake my bf from Arizona and I will do that.


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It's ashamed that the disabled have to have there privileges removed because business exploits them , kind of like the disabled parking plackert.


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In case any of you missed the back story on this, earlier this year there was a case/cases uncovered of people "hiring" disabled people to visit Disney with them so their whole party could get the front-of-the-line privilege. Disney's new policy will be something like/identical to-- I'm not sure, as I only heard about the article-- their "fast pass" system, which is where you "pre-check-in" to an attraction and get an appointment window; when you return during that window, you go through a special line, which is much, MUCH shorter than the normal line. When we went last summer, we are convinced that this system alone allowed us to do in 2 days what it would have taken 3 to do... so it is a very good set-up in my opinion.

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There is an article in today�€셲 Democrat where Disney announces that due to the amount of abuse, disabled visitors to the park will no longer be allowed to bypass standing in long lines (and go immediately to the front of the line) as they had previously been allowed.

That makes sense. I was a Florida resident, and I visited Disney. But I'm not so sure. How much does it cost to do fast passes?

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