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Hi, some more input it also sounds like they are going to stay with that 1/4
mile max walking distance. Also it sounds like the malls is a done thing to
me also. So here a again I praise you all for the effort and hope you all
keep the uphill battle going. But it does not look like you are going to get
much head way on this. It does sound like they are willing to add some
sidewalks. Not just on your all accounts, but because the greater majority
wants it. Just more thoughts.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Hi, listening to the podcast. I have some thoughts on this. I heard Robert
call in! I also heard the Response to Roberts concerns! Here is what I got
from the message back to him (Robert) and the Blind community. They are
willing to do small things like possible putting up Audio signals hopefully!
But that is pretty much where it stops. They are not and do not plan on
going back into neighbor hoods to pick up passengers. This is not in the
plan or will it be. Because it will not benefit the grater majority. So far
my conclusion is you all should keep trying but I don't think you are going
to make any progress in going back into neighbor hoods. Just my two cent

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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hi all,
below is the link to the radio show on our local transportation issues,
which aired recently, and featured Ron Garrison and many of our TABI



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