[tabi] letter to the Democrat re pedestrian safety

  • From: "Chip Orange" <Corange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:09:13 -0400

Hi all,
Below is a letter to the editor in today's Democrat.  I wish we had
known of some of this information at the time Nova 2010 was being
evaluated, but I certainly hope StarMetro takes note of it, to design
away the portion of Nova 2010 which has passengers changing buses via
crossing through intersections.
Penalize drivers at crosswalks

I love Tallahassee. I love how the mayor wants to get people out
walking, bicycling
and exercising. But I don't agree with ticketing pedestrians for not
using the crosswalks.
I have four reasons:
1. About 10 years ago, undercover police studied one big intersection.
They basically
concluded it was "too dangerous" to walk.
2. About five years ago, we had a town hall meeting with the sheriff and
They basically concluded it was "hopeless" to get drivers to slow down.
3. Last year, the red light camera study basically concluded red light
runners were
"out of control."
4. Today, I stopped at my intersection. I then pushed the walk button.
The walk light
came on. Knowing crosswalks are dangerous, I kept a space between me and
the right-on-red
driver as I started across. Without looking, the right-turn driver took
off, missing
me by inches as I swerved to her side. I continued across, but
immediately the left-turn
driver almost hit me from my other side. He yelled at me for being in
"his" crosswalk.
I survived this time, but until our crosswalks are truly safe, I have
concluded that
it would be wrong to punish our few endangered pedestrians for not using


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