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Hi all,


I've received the template letter below from a concerned city tax payer.  He
suggests anyone who is also concerned about the proposed money to be
"wasted" on the "party bus" (a.k.a. the "Rhythm Express") may want to modify
the letter below to their particular desires, and send it to the city











Tallahassee City Commission

300 South Adams Street

Tallahassee FL 32301

Phone   850-891-2000

Fax                         850-413-8542

E-mail   commissioners@xxxxxxxxxx


Re: The Rhythm Express.


Dear Commissioners:


I object to the City of Tallahassee's funding the Rhythm Express.


The Tallahassee Midtown-Downtown Bus-Trolley is a Separate, Unequal, and
Unaffordable Perk for Bar Hoppers 


The city currently has an approximately $5.8 million budget deficit,
approximately $1 million of that shortfall is due to a gap in the StarMetro
bus system budget. Proposed solutions for addressing Starmetro's budget
deficit include reducing bus service, increasing bus fares, and,
inexplicably, spending $540,000.00 to start a new, free bus-trolley service
for weekend midtown-downtown bar hoppers. 


The City Commission appears to believe that providing free bus service to
those that do not need it will mean more money at midtown and downtown
restaurants and reduce parking issues in midtown. However, the economic harm
done to StarMetro's everyday bus riders has been ignored by the Commission.
Increasing fares will take money out of the pockets of many citizens that
cannot afford the increase and leave them with fewer funds to spend in the
local economy. Additionally, cuts in service will make it harder for bus
riders to get to work, doctor's appointments, grocery stores, and other
important daily destinations. Meanwhile, those who have cars and enough
disposable income to frequent restaurants and bars can enjoy free


This proposed bus-trolley is a separate, unequal, and unaffordable transit
service that cannot be justified at this time given the city's, and
especially Starmetro's current budget deficit.





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