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        From: John Plescow 
        Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 3:29 PM
        Subject: Letter to the editor 
            The following is a copy of my letter to the editor in
today's paper:
        SouthWood rider not happy with StarMetro
        On Sept. 6, I tried using Tallahassee's new 
        bus system to get home from my job at the 
        SouthWood state office complex. I was at 
        the stop for the R route well before 5:17 p.
        m., which was when the bus was due to 
        arrive. Instead it came at 5:37 p.m.  Because the R bus was
late, I missed my 5:56 connection and had to wait for the 6:38 
        p.m. bus. I got home, which according to MapQuest is only 5.4
miles from my job and a 13-minute drive, more than two 
        hours after leaving work.
        My story is not unique. A lot of my fellow 
        bus riders have complained about missed 
        buses, longer commuting times, and unsafe road crossings and bus
stops, and not a few have given up riding the bus 
        altogether. The new bus system is not working. The city's new
plan has succeeded only in putting former bus riders into cars and
validating the feelings for current drivers that the bus system 
        won't work for them.



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