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iOS 9 coming this fall!

By La Moine Williams

This September Apple will be releasing iOS 9. The upgrade will come packed with
new and exciting features, some of which we have never seen before on our iOS
devices. The new operating system will run on iPhone4s to 6, iPad, and iPod
Touch. The system will also provide solutions for longer battery life and will
implement more intelligent search options as well.

One of the highly anticipated features of iOS 9 is its proactive suggestions.
This feature will really transform the iPhone into an even more capable tool.
Picture your iPhone actually paying attention to your personal habits and
taking notes, so it can suggest things you will like in the future! That is
exactly what this new feature is all about. Siri will also have more features
and be able to complete difficult tasks more quickly, and effectively than

Your personal assistant Siri is now powered by contextual awareness. This means
that when you ask Siri to help remind you to call your mother when you get
home, it will do just that! Siri will also be able to perform time, date, and
location based searches. For example if you wanted to get photos or videos from
a certain month you would just ask, and they pop up in the photo app. Siri will
also be able to add events to your calendar from your email and text messages.

In iOS 9 Apple also put focus towards prolonging battery life. Now the life of
your battery has gained one additional hour before needing a recharge under
normal conditions. With ambient light and proximity sensors, the iPhone knows
if it is face down on a table or in your pocket. This prevents the screen from
turning on even if you get a notification. A new low power mode is available,
allowing you to extend your battery life even more.

Another huge new development is the maps app. Now you can get directions even
when using public transportation! This means that you can now get directions to
a destination using multiple transportation options. Siri will also be able to
deliver transit directions. However these options will be limited to certain
cities when iOS launches this fall.

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