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To me, Mr. Paterson isn't[n at the top. First, it is very evident, to me, he hasn't accepted his blindness. In doing that, he uses outmoded ways of gaining information--and lots of it--to make sound decisions for the State of New York.

What he ended up doing is making some bad decisions and looking bad because it is obvious he isn't always prepared as he should be.

I would have hoped that, at some point in his academic career, he learned how to think critically; if he had, he would realize that embracing some of these new technologies would make him more efficient rather than pointing out his faults.

It isn't too late for him to begin to learn
Braille; learn to use computers with assistive technology and about the plethora of other opportunities to enhance his skill set.

We sent a copy of this article to our state representative to help illustrate why blindness skills learned early will help blind people be as much as they can be.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.

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