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this advert was in a news letter I receive.  it discusses a product
which is an automatic reading machine which connects to your CCTV; it
also wraps the text your CCTV is magnifying, I guess so you don't have
to pan back and forth over it:
ABISee's Integrated Plug and Play Solo Autoreader Tool Brings Sound to
Your CCTV,
Dramatically Extending its Capabilities
Click here to Visit the ABISEE, Inc. Website
 Give your CCTV a voice and the ability to read to you aloud.
The Solo Autoreader Add-On from ABISee brings sound to your CCTV,
dramatically extending
its capabilities and offering you the very best of both worlds. ABISee's
Solo Autoreader
Add-On will empower you to do so much more with your CCTV.
Imagine, you put a page on Solo to initiate reading aloud. Then use your
you always have to view magnified text or images. Or turn the switch and
use your
CCTV screen to view the magnified and wrapped text provided by Solo. The
choice is
yours because Solo easily integrates with the familiar, comfortable
control of your
CCTV. And you can even pause its reading with a wave of your hand.
The ABISee Solo Enhances Any CCTV:
Is easy to set up and use. Plug and Play simplicity. Learning curve is 1
Utilizes any CCTV screen.
Wraps magnified text to keep it all on the screen.
Has a small footprint and is lightwieight.
Increases convenience, functionality and possibilities.
Seeing and hearing is believing. For more information, contact ABISee,
Inc. at 1
(800) 681-5905,
, or visit us on the web at
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