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  • Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 09:25:05 -0500

Hi all,

here's some quick instructions on setting TeamTalk taken from their help

the first time entering TeamTalk, press the f4 key, which takes you into the
user preferences dialog, in the general tab.
In here, enter your "nick name" (I suggest using your real name), and tab
over until you find the "push to talk" checkbox.  this means, if checked,
that you want to trigger your microphone by holding down a key on your
keyboard.  check it, and tab to the next control, the "setup" button for
this key combination.  they suggest using the control key, so press enter on
this button, which is now waiting for you to hold and release the key
combination you want to use.  push and release the control key.
tab again until you come to the "voice activated checkbox", which allows you
to talk without holding down any key, but only is a good idea if you are in
a quiet room when you're using TeamTalk.  I usually uncheck this box.
tab until you find the ok button, and you're done with configuration.

Now that your TeamTalk client's Preferences
 has been configured you're now ready to connect to a server which is
explained in the following section.

Connecting to a TeamTalk Server
To connect to a TeamTalk server simply bring up the
Server List
 (press F3) and the TeamTalk client will receive a list of publicly
available TeamTalk
Select a server from the list of servers which become available and press
. TeamTalk will afterwards try and connect to the server and you will see
the channels
and users available on the server.

arrow down until you find the channel you want.  this is a tree control, so
pressing the right arrow on a channel will allow you to arrow down and see
what users are already connected to it.

it looks to me that you right click a channel and choose "join" and you're
ready to go, although I haven't found a channel which does not have a
password to test this out.  so, if people would like, we can try tonight at
8 pm; I'll set up the TABI channel then for 15 minutes and wait for people
to show up and try connecting.  email on tabi if you're trying and failing
at 8 tonight.


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