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Hi all,
This seems to be just a list maker (except for the part where it will
store the file on an internet server for you).
If anyone wants it, I have a Word template with macros, which allows you
to make your list, and then have it printed in aisle order.
you must input each item into a Word table, and specify the aisle in the
store, but when you've done that once, you can then use the list in the
future by just checking off which items you want to purchase, and when
it prints, it only prints the ones you've specified.
I've got a large number of items specified for the Killearn Publix; if
others start to use it, they could share store layouts between other
shoppers of that particular store.
For visual readers, it also changes background color each time the aisle
changes, to help queue the shopper when they're done with a particular
It also has a column to remind you of couponds or sales information for
each item.


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        An easy way to organize grocery shopping

        We have so much competing for our time these days. And we still
need to make time to spend with our families.

        I multitask whenever I can. I group my errands so I'm running
around town less.

        And I use the free GroceryWiz. It does one thing and does it
well. It helps you organize your grocery shopping.

        The site is simple. Select a category such as fruits or frozen
foods. Then, select the items you would like to add to your list.

        GroceryWiz also lets you add notes for each item. This is handy
if you want to buy a particular brand.

        When you're done, you can simply print up your list and take it
with you!

        But maybe you don't want to waste the paper or ink on printing.
Or, maybe you want to forward the list to your spouse.

        In that case, sign up for a free account. You'll have the
ability to save your list online. You can pull it up on your phone at
the store. Or, share your list. You'll love this site

        www.grocerywiz.com <http://www.grocerywiz.com> 

        one more link:


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