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Intending no disrespect to John, but I would encourage you to get that in writing before you rely on it. The reason I say this is that in August I was told by StarMetro Senior Planner Sam Scheib that the bus shelter that had been removed from Tallahassee Mall because of Nova 2010 would be replaced, probably by October. When I checked up on this in Novmeber, Maldanado called to say that the shelter would NOT be replaced. My point is that those of us who thought the lies from StarMetro had stopped when Garrison left were wrong. StarMetro will lie to its customers, so proceed accordingly.

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Hi all, I just got a call on this from John, who got a call from someone at the city.  They wanted us to know that Dial-a-Ride *would not* be effected by the holiday service changes (they effect StarMetro buses only). Hth, Chip  From: tabi-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:tabi-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Easy Talk
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 Hello TABI,
The following 3 items are slated for discussion during tomorrow’s City Commission
meeting. I look forward to seeing many of you there.
1.      The following holidays will change from Saturday bus service to Sunday. (This means little to no Dial-A-Ride service during these times.) – Martin Luther King
Jr. Day, Veteran’s Day, and Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday).
2.      Combining the current Red Hills and Tall Timbers routes (involves service
to TCC and Northeastern Tallahassee)
3.      Creating a Southwood Express (service between Southwood and down town/C.K.
Steele plaza)

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