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Below is from today's Democrat; I went looking, and the article does not
give their facebook page address, so here is where I think it is:


FSU boasts free, green GEMs
By Cara Boruch-Dolan . DEMOCRAT WRITER .
February 23, 2010

Everyone knows parking is next to impossible at
Florida State. For some students, getting home after
a night on the town can be an issue.
Don't worry, two FSU graduates now have GOTCHA
Atlanta-based business partners Sean Flood and
Drew Sfugaras last spring launched the Green
Operated Transit Carrying Humanity Around, or
GOTCHA. It's a free, environmentally friendly
transportation service.
This green company aims to aid with navigating the
high traffic areas surrounding the FSU campus
safely and efficiently, along with its neighboring
GOTCHA has a fleet of five electric cars, with plans
to add additional cars this summer. The company is
also expanding to other universities. In the u
pcoming months GOTCHA will start five-car fleets
at the University of Florida and University of
These carts are true GEMs - literally - as in Global
Electric Motorcars. They are 100 percent electric
and emission-free.
However, their efficiency doesn't compromise in
luxury. Carrying four to six passengers, these cars
are equipped with comfortable bucket seats and
safety belts to keep riders secure.
The Florida rain may make some students grateful
the cars have doors, but the true experience comes
from those without doors.
With the cars pushing 30 mph, GOTCHA becomes a
thrill ride. It's not unusual to see students
whooping around turns during their peak hours of
the night.
GOTCHA is most popular at night, running from 9 p.
m. to 3 a.m. from popular local bars to apartment
complexes. GOTCHA has also begun taking students
around campus during school hours.
The cars may be less recognizable during the day,
but students' apprehension is appeased by friendly
drivers and word of mouth promotion.
GOTCHA is free to the public, but tips are always
appreciated. The business makes its profit in a
NASCAR-like fashion, by wrapping the vehicles in
company logos.
"We deal with brands that are purely marketable to
the college generation, that is 18- to 24-year olds,"
Flood said.
Since its conception, GOTCHA has quickly become a
recognizable part of the campus community.
Students have become comfortable using the
company's Facebook page to get in contact with the
13 drivers on staff.
Seeing one of these cars on campus, pedestrians
needing a lift can be heard yelling, "GOTCHA!"
Which translates into a free ride.

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