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Yes, but you should have got windows 7 with the option to down grade to
windows XP pro till you got ready for windows 7.  MS is going to stop
supporting XP in the near future! You also could got windows 7 Pro or above
and got virtual windows XP from MS for free and then you could have ran both
windows7 and windows XP side by side. Just some thoughts. Beside windows 7
is not that hard to get use too and use. 

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          I got my brand new Dell PC yesterday, but I didn't choose Windows
7.  I'm sticking with Windows XP and I'm getting used to Office 2007.  The
ribbon is enough to adapt to at one time!

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        if you get a new pc, or upgrade to Windows 7, just an FYI that there
is a mailing list for blind users of Windows 7:

        Send a blank message to blindwindows7-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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