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There is an article in today's Democrat on sidewalks & Star Metro if anyone 
cares to go online and snag a copy then paste it to the list.  
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  A  coworker of mine who has limited vision has been using the buses up until 
recently, rather than paratransit.  

  He says he's so unhappy with the new system, and the extra time it's taking 
him to get anywhere, he's switching back to paratransit.

  part of his complaints are the same as yours Lynn: longer transit times, due 
in part to much more walking to get to stops; and waiting for buses now at 
stops which have no protection from the sun or the weather.


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  I should have stayed of the bus today and road out the rain storm. I took a 
  My route to the YMCA on the new route takes me an hour or more and this comes 
with two transfers and three busses The old route took me 50 minutes, one 
transfer and two busses. 
  Will people still want  to pay for this  after the free fare week ends Friday?

  Thursday was much better. I went to the bus plaza for more bus passes. Then 
went north to Raymond Deal for some banking. I left home at 10:30  and got back 
home at 12:30.  I had to do quite a bit of walking on Thomasville Road and 
Raymond Deal. 

  Anyone else care to vent, I mean share their experiences.  

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