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Here is more info on the AT equipment & the application:

Stevie Wonder and Sendero Group
Stevie Wonder has generously worked with Mike May and Sendero Group to
advance the accessibility of consumer electronics and the opportunity for
blind people to obtain adaptive technology. He attends CSUN and other
adaptive conferences. He has personally assisted at any number of venues to
help these causes.

House Full of Toys
The 14th Stevie Wonder "House Full of Toys" fundraising concert was December
12, 2009 in Los Angeles. The adaptive technology component of this event is
the seventh community-giving program Sendero has spearheaded. This year we
have donations from ten manufacturers, Sendero Group, HIMS/GW Micro,
Kurzweil, Humanware, Code Factory, Levelstar, Freedom Scientific, ViewPlus,
A T Guys, and Nuance.

There were so many applications for the equipment donations last year that
we will first draw from those applications before looking at any new
applications. If you submitted last year, please email to confirm that your
student is still interested and to confirm if your contact information is up
to date. Students who have been awarded previously are not eligible.

Those who would like to submit new applications may do so and we will
consider those if the donated equipment is not allocated to the applications
already on file. Decisions should be made by the end of January, time
permitting. All new applications should be submitted prior to that time.

* Nominee's Name:

* Nominee Age:

* Submitter's Name:

* Submitter's Email Address:

* Street Address:

* City:

* State:

* Zip Code:

Phone Number:

List adaptive technology nominee currently owns

Select technology item(s) for nominee:
Sendero GPS (requires mPower or PK). List Price $1,599 from Sendero Group,
BrailleNote mPower 18. List Price $4,395 from HumanWare,
Mobile Speak Adventure pack (Mobile Speak 4 Windows + Mobile Magnifier +
Mobile Geo). List Price $1,040 from Code Factory
Mobile Speak Gold pack (Mobile Speak 4 Symbian + Mobile Magnifier + Mobile
DAISY Player + Color Reconizer + Games Pack). List Price $395 from Code
TALKS&ZOOMS. List Price $295 from Nuance
Dragon Naturally Speaking. List Price $199 from Nuance
Voice Sense with Sense Navigation GPS. List Price $3,944 from GW Micro and
Icon Mobile Manager and docking station. List Price $1,995 from LevelStar
KNFB Reader Software only (Requires Nokia N82 phone). List Price $995 from
Kurzweil Tech
Window Eyes. List Price $895 from GW Micro
SenseView Portable Light Magnifier (low vision). List Price $595 from GW
VictorReader Stream with SD card. List Price $369 from HumanWare
Customized Metrologic Bar Code Scanner. List Price $299 from A T Guys
Tell us about the nominee and why he or she is a good candidate for the
technology (in 250 words or less)

For the student, in one page or less, tell us about the importance of
giving. What have you done or are you doing to give to others? This could be
a gift of your time or of the gift of an item. As a person who may
potentially receive a gift, we would like to know what you are doing to give
back to the community or a person. This must be in your words, no matter
your age. The best stories will be shared with Stevie Wonder.

C Sendero Group LLC, 2000-2009. All Rights Reserved.
Sendero Group . 429 F Street, Suite 4 . Davis. CA 95616
Phone: 530-757-6800 . Fax: 530-757-6830

On 12/17/09, Kirk <kvharmon54@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Stevie Wonder is holding another House Full of Toys benefit concert, with
> proceeds going for adaptive technology which is donated to students
> throughout the US who cannot otherwise afford it. Last year's applicants who
> did not receive equipment will receive first priority. Nine companies have
> also donated equipment to the fund.
> http://www.senderogroup.com/hftform.htm<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1102891873875&s=2115&e=001xZhw4MriueOoEROQhurVfm19nnzEp2fQaMutk-t0eGHvd0iR429lcVLtYI24qJAig6jvRkqWRLa2N0SMcw3X-wWpZbBh53-_99cktPWxRvwL9_Ix-_PRi4EJ8m--1AoBd3ZWZ1LIMTM
> Kirk Harmon
> 1031 Lenmore CT.
> Orlando, FL. 32812
> Home office: (407) 380-3371
> Cell: (407) 473-2176
> E-mail address: kvharmon54@xxxxxxxxx
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