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  • From: "Daniel Ben Moshe" <danielbenmoshe1@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 21:50:16 -0400

I know that we all want safe streets, and crime stopped.  However we must
ask ourselves this question, at what cost do we achieve this?  Some say that
having cameras will catch someone braking the law.  However there are those
of us who believe that when they put them on your street corners that this
is cool, but when they want to install them in your homes to see what goes
on inside will you have a problem? I ask this, because this is where we are
headed.  As a CRIM major At FSU, I happened to be at a demonstration where
the police department showed us a device, that allows them to see how many
people are in the home?  For example, if they are looking for someone, they
will ask how many people are in the house? And if you say that there are
three, they go out to their car, and use the device, and if they find that
there are six people in the house they have grounds for a probable cause
search, which gives them the right to come right into your home. Again we as
Blind people rest much of our safety, and hopes in the government, and
legislation.  I do believe that the days are soon coming if they are not
already here where we can't always rest our faith, and hopes in these
institutions. Right now we say yes bring on the cameras, but will we say yes
to them coming into your homes, and your privet lives?  We should be careful
for what we ask, because we just might get it.   

I'm glad to be your humble and obedient servant,

Zechen Elder Daniel Ben Moshe,

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