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The information is appreciated and very informative as always.



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Hi Bruce,


I changed the subject line to better reflect your question.


I've seen Sally and William (and others I think) speak very well of
their I-phones.  I believe they will do all the things you mentioned
(I'm hoping some I-phone owner will confirm this).


However, it's my understanding you'll be paying around $100 a month for
the plans needed to do this (need an I-phone owner again); this is what
my friend has to pay for hers anyway.  She has the unlimited data plan,
and if you're going to be listening to streaming media such as internet
radio a lot, you'll need it.


I don't know what the up front cost will be, a few hundred dollars, but
it's really nothing compared to a multi-year contract at a $100 a month.


I just don't use a cell phone that much where I want to spend that much
money on one.  And, for internet use, I far prefer a laptop to a phone.


My preference would be to sign up for a plan which gives you a cell
modem for a laptop for your internet anywhere access (they give you a
little card or USB device for your laptop which is a cell modem), and
then get an inexpensive cell phone separately.  


I get away with one of the pay-as-you-go cell phones with no speech
(track phone or virgin mobile), and it costs almost nothing.  T-mobile
is now offering a pay-as-you-go plan (no contract), and you can buy a
phone like the haven which has speech.  so, if you don't feel you could
use a prepaid phone by touch without speech, you could get your phone
service cheaply through t-mobile.  perhaps others now offer
pay-as-you-go plans, I haven't looked into it.  such plans though are
almost always cheaper, usually *much* cheaper, than a traditional yearly
contract cell phone plan, with a high monthly fee (virgin mobile's is 18
cents a minute).


I hope others will chime in with their experience, and there are plenty
of sites on the internet for the blind, which offer reviews of cell
phone options.






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        What is the best device for someone who want's to listen to
radio stations on the internet, tex,and make a limited amount of calls.
Of course must be speech friendly. The information you post is very





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        from the recent Top Tech Tidbits news letter:


        The American Printing House now sells the Wilson Digital Voice
Recorder for $29.95.
        It records up to eight hours of messages or lectures and content
can be transferred
        to a computer via USB.





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