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You are so right Darla.  Below are instructions for dealing with comcast
email.  I'm going to describe my operations in terms of what I'm doing,
and I hope you will know the keystrokes for your screen reader to
achieve these types of operations.  I can add the keystrokes for Window
Eyes (in parrens), and maybe someone can come behind me and give the
equivalents for jaws?  that would be very helpful to all the jaws users
if someone would please do that:
First, go to comcast.net
To setup your email for the SmartZone/lite option you will:
go into the email from the comcast home page; I do this by bringing up a
list of links on the page (insert-tab), and finding the one which begins
with the word "email", and is followed by the number of new messages you
have.  click on that link (just press enter in the links dialog).
you will likely be on a login page; search for an editbox asking for
your user id followed by one asking for your password.  (press C to
repeated jump to the next control until you come to an editbox).
enter your login info (you can omit the @comcast.net if you like).
when you've logged in, you'll be on the home page of SmartZone.  bring
up the list of links again (insert-tab) and find the one for
"preferences" and choose it.
you'll now be in the SmartZone configuration screen.
 jump down through the controls (press C repeatedly) until you find a
radio button which has a choice for "smartZone" and "SmartZone/lite".
press the space bar on the SmartZone/lite button, or click on it, to
select it.
Now jump backwards through the controls (press shift-C repeatedly) until
you come to a "save" button, and press enter on it.
This will save your change, but still leave you in the SmartZone
configuration page.
Bring up the list of links (insert-tab) and find the one for "home", and
choose it.
you will now be in the SmartZone/lite home page!
On this page, your mailboxes are each a link, and if you want to see
your spam messages, bring up the list of links, and find the one for
"spam", and choose it.  you could also have chosen your "inbox" if you
wanted to mark some messages there as spam, because the spam filter did
not catch them.
You'll now be in the mailbox you chose (I'll assume the one for spam).
the actual messages are in a table with a checkbox before each message,
as well as an extra checkbox at the beginning, in the header of the
table (I don't know what it's for).
Now jump down to the table (press T).  now jump to the next checkbox
(press X).  This is the one in the header, so just jump past it to the
next checkbox, which is the first message.
you are now just above the text which describes the message.  these are
3 lines showing you the subject, the sender, and the date.  just press
the down arrow from it's checkbox a couple of times to read these lines
of information.
If you find this message is not spam, backup to the checkbox (press
shift-X) and check it (press space bar).
then jump to the next checkbox and repeat until you are told there are
no more checkboxes.
If you checked any, now jump forward through the controls (press C
repeatedly) until you come to a button which says "mark messages as not
spam", and press space bar on it, or click it, to choose it.
you'll still be in the spam mailbox, but it will say near the top of the
page, how many messages were moved into the inbox.
To go to the next page of messages, bring up the list of links
(insert-tab), and find the one which says "go to next page", and choose
When you've run through all the messages, or start recognizing ones
you've seen from previous trips here, then you can go back to your inbox
if you like, or just close the window if you're done.
To go to the inbox just bring up the list of links, and choose the one
which says "inbox".
Marking email as spam in your inbox works exactly the same, except the
button at the bottom is labeled "mark messages as spam".  You should
take the time to mark some as spam; it won't make those mistakes the
next time.


Chip Orange
Database Administrator
Florida Public Service Commission

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your email. 
        Comcast's web interface is a bear to use; I am fairly sure one
of my listservs is being seen as Spam--it isn't a yahoogroup either, but
one of those is being affected, too.
        Comcast is a huge company; I can't fathom why they don't make
the freaking thing more accessible.
        Can anyone tell me exactly where to go to see what is happening
in Spam?  Outlook Express does not appear to have a Junk Folder unless
I'm missing it somehow.
        Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.
        Home phone #:  850-329-7437
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allowing yourself to be an option in theirs.--Ani Difranco


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                Subject: [tabi] Beware, You may not have total control
of your email. 

                I was speaking with someone earlier today, and was
reminded about how some email providers deal with or set up spam
filtering.  Earthlink, for example, turns on spam filtering on the
server side, meaning that some of your mail might be held if it is
suspected to be spam by some strange formula which I can't begin to
understand.  Some ISP's or email providers may have spam filtering set
up for you and you may not know it.  For those using screen reading
programs, or other means to check email, it is easier to maintain the
"junk" senders list using your computer, rather than the web interface
through your email provider.  When in doubt, check it out!!! It's
probably best to check your own web mail settings yourself, rather than
ask the provider's tech support.  
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