[tabi] Re: call for volunteers with a computer to aid the blind

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I checked out the Solona site and may be a candidate for this project.  It also 
said something about possibly hiring physically disabled folks for it.

I currently am working with Johnnie Slaton in her college work, making a lot of 
tests and texts accessible for her as JAWS has too much jargon to enable her to 
understand what she needs.  I therefore am an employee of DBS while doing this. 

Is this Solona program, in your opinion, something that I would understand and 
be able to do?  I am not a good tech person.  I have not yet sent anything to 

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  from the Top Tech Tidbits news letter (please forward this to anyone who may 
be interested):

  If you have some vision, you can help solve enormous barriers to online access
  by the blind by joining the legion of volunteers to the Solona project. There 
  no commitment of time or frequency; simply, if you are willing, sometimes 
while you're
  on the computer, to take 30 seconds or so to anonymously solve a captcha 
  for an equally anonymous blind user somewhere in the world, you can play a 
key role.
  To look into it, e-mail
  or fill out the form at

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