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below is from another list:

TD Friends:
I felt a personal obligation to do my part to educate the Governor and
about pending legislative actions that would negatively impact a great
I hope each of you at the CTC, county government, MPO, RPC,  LCB and user
will do your part to educate your local legislative delegations as well as
Scott about what the TD program has meant to you and your communities.
Without this
education, these proposals we are aware of and possible other ones may be
that would negatively impact the program.
 It is critical that you do this education as soon as possible since the
session starts in early March.  Please help the Commission and others get
the message
acoss to protect this cost effective program but more importantly continue
for millions of Floridians who depend on these services.
Here is the letter I am sending.  I hope to see you at the TD Legislative
Day and
will continue to do my part for a program that is very special to me.  Thank
for helping!
Dear Governor Scott and Members of the Florida Legislature
I am writing about the successful Transportation Disadvantaged Program that
the Florida
Legislature created in 1979 and later funded through the creation of the
Disadvantaged Trust Fund in 1989.
As the former Executive Director of the Commission for the Transportation
(Commission), I was privileged to work on behalf of the State's most
vulnerable citizens
for nearly 25 of the 36 years before I retired from public service.
Because of this successful statewide coordinated transportation program, our
persons with disabilities, low income and children at risk have been able to
medical care, employment, kidney dialysis, nutrition and other
life-sustaining trips
to maintain and improve their quality of life (over 50 million trips a year
are provided).
In addition to improving their quality of life, it should be noted that by
this type of coordinated transportation millions of dollars are being saved.
The Commission conducted an independent "Return on Investment Study by
Florida State
University" that projects over $8 is returned for every dollar expended on
In addition to these cost savings, the Agency for Health Care Administration
that oversees the Medicaid Non-emergency Transportation Program, conducted a
by the University of Florida that showed over $40 million dollars in cost
due to the coordinated transportation program.
Since this study, AHCA has contracted with the CTD to manage its
non-emergency transportation
services which has allowed reductions in duplication of services,
elimination of
fraud and abuse, cost savings and improved access to health care.
This contractual arrangement continues to be a national model and should not
be included
in any proposals for transfer to health care organizations.
As can been seen in the two studies as well as the Statewide Annual
Operating Reports
for past performance of Florida's coordinated transportation program, costs
for the
services due to coordination have remained stable or reductions have
Safety is at an all-time high for transporting our most vulnerable citizens
due to
uniform standards of safety that are required by the Commission and the
of Transportation.
I have been fortunate to work at the national and regional area since I
retired as
Executive Director of this program and I can attest to the fact that Florida
and continues to be a leader in coordinated transportation.
  Many states and the National Conference of State Legislatures are pointing
to the
Florida model as one that other states should adopt.
As you struggle with tough decisions to address budget deficits and meet
other needs,
I urge you to maintain this cost effective program under the leadership of
the Commission.
Please leave the funding and administration of the non-emergency
transportation program
under the Commission so that the demonstrated cost savings can be continued
and that
uniform standards for all these services can continue. Lastly, please keep
in place
the Transportation Disadvantaged Trust Fund administered by the Commission
that was
created to protect access to dialysis, work, health care and other forms of
that those of us with our own transportation take for granted.
For more information about the program and the referenced reports, visit the
website at:
If you need me to testify or provide more information, please contact me at
Thank you for your consideration and for supporting Florida's elderly,
disabled and
others with their mobility needs in a coordinated manner.
Jo Ann Hutchinson
Jo Ann Hutchinson
Former Executive Director (Retired in 2003)
Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
401 Gould Road
Quincy, FL  32351

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