[tabi] Re: article for tomorrow's Democrat: Sidewalk construction for Nova2010

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But who need, what group need sidewalks more than the blind, and, why is it 
that no one can see that as a priority?  I know they're building them and we're 
not, but, we're not, because, they won't allow us such a privilege or even such 
an education but, I bet there are those of us that could figure it out and 
probably with a little help from our friends, do a whale of a job helping with 
installing them!

They are not trying to keep us off the street.  They are not trying to maintain 
that we not compete the same as everyone else for the jobs,.  They are not 
trying to indicate that making sidewalks and and city travel more city friendly 
for the blind might be inviting too many ways for some to be injured.  They 
know that for the most part, we're all very safe drivers in maneuvering our 
courses, and yet, for some strange reason, they haven't fixed it up for us yet! 
 Even, in the state's capitalCity!  There is something, terribly, wrong with 
this picture!

It seems like The makers of Automobiles will have: self driving ones before we 
lay our grounds to receive them!

We have gone more than a tenth the way through, yet, another century, and 
still, we're on the outside looking in?

Everybody in the world is getting freedom and ripping and running around at 
will but us blind folk William!

That's not fair!

Some time we wana tare out and run too!  Don't we?

Somehow, things can be better we know!  Right William?

Take it on to them like it is my friend!

Time waits for noone or, anything!

Tell them just like it i s is! Brother!

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for Nova2010


  I am on your side buddy, but there is never going to be enough money.   We 
have a few million to work on high priority sidewalks now and perhaps when we 
have finished them, we will get another grant to continue, but even then there 
will be priorities.

  It's like the pharmacy add says, this is not a perfect world.   I wish it 
were, and I am batting it out my friend so keep in there with the cause and we 
will all get there in the end.


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    Even with the remotest possibility of their, possibly, not finding a 
sidewalk at a bus stop, stifles any notion they might have to just be creative 
and venture out for the sake of just being a happier person and feeling more 
independent as a blind person!  Does anyone else feel almost like I do?

    It would be fun to just get up and go, but, the fact of one realizing the 
sidewalk project is millions of dollars short, impedes any such liberty for the 
cane travelers.  

    Is there anything we cane travelers can do to help them come up with the 
rest of the money that's needed to complete the project?

    What a wonderful city it would be if we could just go a head on and be 
guaranteed that no matter where we go we won't be bothered with such a scenario 
as our not finding along the way, the sidewalk once we got to where they're 
missing or hadn't been installed to allow us to just enjoy our trip!

    Otherwise, it's just just a hendrance!

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      Sidewalk construction for Nova2010 continues but 'woefully' short
      By TaMaryn Waters

      Being blind is a way of life for Bruce Weaver, and so is riding the bus.
      Weaver, 48, who's been blind for 25 years as a result of a hereditary 
disease, rides
      a bus five to six times a day since he's the independent-living 
coordinator for Ability
      1st. His job is to teach those with disabilities how to use StarMetro's 
buses as
      well as he does.
      With StarMetro's new Nova2010 bus system slated to launch this summer, 
city crews
      are tackling the tough job of correcting safety issues with sidewalks and 
      new ones in areas where no sidewalk exists so people like Weaver can get 
better access
      to bus stops.
      "Without sidewalks, my level of independence would be significantly 
hampered," said
      Weaver, who also serves on the city's Transit Advisory Committee.
      Even though he's pleased to see more sidewalks in the works, Weaver is 
      all of the sidewalks needed for the massive decentralized bus system will 
not be
      done anytime soon. The city has $15 million carved out of its budget for 
      improvements related to Nova2010. But there's $37 million worth of need, 
which is
      roughly 25 miles of sidewalks, said Gabriel Menendez, the city's public 
works director.
      As a result, the city has to prioritize which sidewalks get done. Forty 
one segments
      in varied lengths, equal to $8 million of construction costs, are on land 
where the
      city has right-of-way. But 30 other segments needed for Nova2010 are not 
owned by
      the city. Menendez said it would cost an estimated $29 million obtain the 
      "We are going to be woefully short on sidewalks," Menendez said. "We are 
doing everything
      we can to make the process work."
      It is also why we can travelers can't make more abundant use of the 
chirping signals they have been installing!

      It is fool's play to go out and chance it though, i'm sure many of us 
often, would like to give it a shot from time to time.

      That shot couldor could not work in random instances!

      When will this constant threat to our lives end man?

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