[tabi] are you thinking of buying a new high-efficiency washer/dryer?

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  • Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:57:16 -0500

Hi all,

We had a fire at our house recently, and while the house itself wasn't hurt,
the electric clothes dryer was toast you might say.

It's very old and we've been looking at the new high-efficiency front
loading washer/dryers anyway, so we went out and bought a set.

We bought ones which happened to have physical buttons for almost every
function, knowing that even if I couldn't work it, my wife is sighted and
she could.

I wanted to let the list know that it is possible for a blind person to
operate this washer/dryer combination: the Electrolux 55 series.  The one
function which does require seeing a screen menu is when you select the wash
or dry cycle; this is done with an infinitely rotating knob, which you can
feel, but which you have no way of knowing what it's pointing to (it just
changes a screen display).

The tip which makes it possible is that these appliances have a "favorites"
button which can be programmed to go to a specific wash or dry cycle.  Once
you program it, then each time you press "favorites", you then can count the
clicks of the rotating knob, and with a list of cycles in order, you can
figure out which cycle you end up on.

In the same way, each cycle has a preset list of options (normal may be warm
wash, cold rinse, 2 rinses, medium length, medium size, etc.).  There are
physical buttons for adjusting each of these options, so with a list showing
you what each cycle's preset options are, you could also make any
adjustments that you need to.

There are no touch panels in this series, and there are a wide range of
individual models with varying features, so that you should be able to get
anything you want.

Allison and I are going to write up the lists of cycles, options, etc., so
if anyone else wants to purchase these, we'll be glad to share the lists.

I didn't look at everything, but I imagine it's hard for a blind person to
find a washer and dryer which can be operated any more, since everything I
saw had electronic displays and touch panels.



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