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Thanks Lynn.  


Also, for anyone considering buying an I-phone, you may want to wait until
the I-phone five comes out (rumored to be announced in the next few weeks),
as it will have a new technology built-in (called near-field communications)
which allows the phone to be used as an electronic wallet or creditcard;
just touch it to a pay station and it instantly pays the coke machine,
restaurant, etc., including the equivalent of showing your "library card" or
"customer rewards card" etc.  I believe the Google Nexus and some other
Android smart phones already have this.





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Hay look what IOS6 does for accessibility; VoiceOver, the revolutionary
screen reader for blind and low-vision users, is now integrated with Maps,
AssistiveTouch, and Zoom.. 


Below is the link for the new IOS6A features



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