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Hi Barbara,
Yah, this gettin' old ain't for sissies is it??? <smile>
this project is a great idea; I'd be interested to hear from anyone who
uses it and gets some help of any kind.  I have no idea if any
volunteers will respond or not.  It's not that people like you don't
volunteer, but it's going to be tough for them to get the word out to
possible volunteers so that they sign up.


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        Hi Chip,
        I used to be able to regularly do the things with blind folks
that you mention.  But my physical problems are making me less available
than before.  I'm still able to do some things like putting tests in
accessible format and sending from my computer, or doing research and
sending it on and I still read on tape or digitally.  I'm glad more
services are becoming available.

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                below is an article from a recent Democrat issue.  it
describes a new program where any person needing help can register, and
be matched with a volunteer willing to give that help.  I'm hoping it
can be beneficial to blind people who may need help getting to the
doctor and getting through all the paperwork say, or perhaps going to
the store and shopping.
                the web site to use to register for help is:
                September 18, 2009
                United Way's new program matches donors, recipients
                By Elizabeth M. Mack
                One night while eating dinner with Ken Armstrong and his
wife, Jeanie, Linda South
                induced a conversation that planted the seed for what
has become the HELP&HOPE program.
                "We were discussing how the economic condition we're in
will impact people who are
                not traditionally distressed," said South, secretary for
the Florida Department of
                Management Services.
                On a rainy Thursday afternoon, 35 community members
representing United Way-certified
                agencies gathered to announce the latest addition to the
way the United Way of the
                Big Bend will serve the community - through the
HELP&HOPE program.
                HELP&HOPE is a project that will connect individuals
seeking help to those who are
                offering help.
                The services that are offered by the program are
virtually infinite, according to
                Armstrong, UWBB president.
                As an example, Armstrong said, if there was an auto
repair shop owner who was doing
                well and that person wanted to help by repairing the car
of a person who needed repairs
                but couldn't afford it, the owner would fix that vehicle
for free.
                Randy Nicklaus, president of 2-1-1 Big Bend, said their
call volume has recently
                increased by 20 to 30 percent - which he believes is due
to the struggling economy.
                "Because there are people still losing their jobs, the
calls we get are definitely
                saying that we have a need," Nicklaus said about the new
program. "This program has
                the potential to be beneficial to the community for
people who have been affected
                by the economy."
                Nicklaus said 2-1-1 Big Bend will explain what the
HELP&HOPE program is. It will
                also direct people to the HELP&HOPE Web site, and help
the callers to fill out the
                registration form - which is similar to the services
that they already provide.
                HELP&HOPE is another program that is powered by
volunteers throughout the eight counties
                that UWBB serves.
                "I'm convinced that we need to do more," Armstrong said,
about the HELP&HOPE project.
                "Eight years ago, one month after 9/11, we had United We
Stand Day right here in
                the Civic Center arena. We want to send that same
message again that united we stand
                and together we can help each other to regain hope."
                South said she takes no credit for the program. She
gives that to Armstrong.
                "If it was a nudge it didn't take much," she said. "Ken
[Armstrong] was perfect as
                the catalyst."
                For more information about HELP&HOPE visit,

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