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Hi all,
if you have a pet, and you need to administer a precise amount of a gel
medicine each day, this isn't usually possible without site, as this
kind of medicine usually comes in a large syringe, and you press the
plunger until the measured amount has been extruded through the tip.
we've just started using a mail-order pharmacy, at 

http://www.wedgewoodpharmacy.com which offers a dispensing device for
gel called a twist-a-dose.  it has the gel in something like a large
pen, and you twist one end of it twice, and it extrudes the proper dose.
this should be much better for someone who is blind, and any vet can
call your prescription into them, and they'll mail you the medicine
within a day.  they're also a compounding pharmacy.


they also send you email reminders when it's getting near time for a









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