[tabi] an interesting transportation factoid

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 20:44:01 -0500

hi all,

I know we all resent not being able to drive; and we think the cost of cabs
are just out of sight, and they are of course the closest thing to our own
personal car that we can have.

recently, triple A came out with a very in-depth study of car ownership, and
they concluded on average, taking into consideration everything about owning
a car, it costs a driver about $7000 per year to own and operate a vehicle!

it's a point I've been trying to make to friends of mine who have
teen-agers, and who want to get them a car as soon as possible, often times
they say so that they can then get a part-time job and make some money!  

until this study, I had no hard facts to show them that the teen would have
to be earning quite a lot before they could break even, (unless they used
public transit, which is where my argument was headed with these friends).
so, the next time you're discussing public transit with sighted friends,
here's another reason why they may want to take an interest in it as we do.


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