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Hi, there is not an inexpensive device that is what you are describing here.
What you are describing is some kind of smart phone or PDA the the smart
phone come closer. Now I can give some suggestions but none is cheap. The
iphone by Apple is great and the most accessible phone right out of the box.
It is totally accessible to the blind! The other phone that is a up to date
device is the Android and it is about 50 percent accessible to the blind
right out of the box with some of the free screen readers that either you
can download or that is already on it. Now to make it I would say 80 percent
accessible you need to buy the screen reader by MS ( Mobile Speak ) that
also comes with a group of apps for the Android and it will cost you 100 US
bucks. The Iphone is totally accessible out of the box and it depends on
what size storage you get on it the cost. It does have a learning curve but
all is manageable. I will post links to apple site and prices. Also you can
find some used and refurbish ones at the two cell carriers site that sell
them they are Verizon and ATT at this time. Also it requires a data plan for
the iphone as well as the Android phones. They start at 15 bucks and go up
on the data plan. Then you have to have a voice plan and these start at
about 40 bucks before taxes and such and goes up. So the very least just in
plans you are talking about 55 bucks before taxes and then you need to add a
texting plan as well and that is at least another 5 bucks.  The device new
for iphone will be anywhere from 200 bucks to 300 bucks new with a two year
plan. These prices will vary with used ones and refurbish ones. So what next
is the windows mobile phones and they need a third party screen reader
called Mobile speak or Talks. These screen readers are not cheap. Then they
will only work on Windows mobile phones that has windows mobile OS 6.5 or
less the new Windows mobile phones with the new OS on them 7.0 and above the
screen readers will not work on them. So you will have to find used or
refurbish Windows mobile phones.  So these phones will soon be dead to us
blind people as accessible phones, Unless Microsoft the maker of the OS that
goes on them does something. Now you have Nokia phones that if you can find
any that still have Simmons OS on them then the screen reader Mobile Speak
and Talks will work on them but here again the screen readers are expensive.
Now I hear that Nokia is going to Windows Mobile OS so if so this will make
there newer phones not accessible to us. So my recommendation is the iPhone
this is your best bet and cheapest way. Like I say I will post the links to
apple the maker of the iphone and to the two carriers that carry them. These
are ATT and Verizon for now and I will post a great email list to join that
can answer most all your question on the iphone and other IOS devices. So
see links below and HTH ! JMT !




This is to the mailing list and if you really want to join I will send a
different link that will make it easier to join then going thru Yahoo. So
see link yahoo group called Aiphone group.



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What is the best device for someone who want's to listen to radio stations
on the internet, tex,and make a limited amount of calls.  Of course must be
speech friendly. The information you post is very informative. 





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from the recent Top Tech Tidbits news letter:


The American Printing House now sells the Wilson Digital Voice Recorder for
It records up to eight hours of messages or lectures and content can be
transferred to a computer via USB.





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