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and one other variation: it could be used to let people know when there's an
audible signal available by putting it right on the same pole as the button,
thus also serving to help people locate the button.


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Hi all,
I know this hasn't been discussed all that much, but one of the potential
problems I see with nova 2010 is that a lot, if not all, of the bus stops
will be relocating.  It seems likely that those who have memorized the
locations of the current stops will have some difficulty in locating the new
stops from just a text description.
so, the idea I'd like to hear comment on, is how about use of the devices
that I just posted a press release for, the SoundPost?  it looks to me if
StarMetro, or someone, would purchase and install the base stations at the
bus stops, and someone would buy and distribute for a nominal price the
handheld units, these would do nicely for helping people locate the stop.
the site isn't entirely clear on how they work, so I called the developer,
and we spoke for a few minutes.  the base stations emit an I/R beam, and the
hand helds vibrate or beep when you come within range.  you can then begin
to move the handheld in a circle, aiming it at different directions, and
you'll get a strong indication as to which direction the beam is coming
from, plus a spoken identification of the type of installation the unit is
placed at (it's any of 185 different, predefined, types such as "bus stop",
"women's restroom", "government building", etc.).  they have a range of
about 30 meters, or 90 feet.
so, does anyone else think these things would be helpful for this project,
and should we take this idea to StarMetro?


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