[tabi] Re: an accessible HD radio is reviewed

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Hi Lynn,
Well, I thought that would be an easy question to answer with a google
search; however, I failed to turn up any page whose title seemed to indicate
it was discussing HD radio in Tallahassee.  I may have missed it, or it may
have been implied on some of the pages, which discussed corporately owned
large networks of radio stations, and how they were available in HD and on
the internet, but it wasn't clear if every station was available this way,
or just that some were.
Maybe someone like Betsy, who used to be involved in communications, will be
able to find an answer for us.


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But do we have any stations in town broadcasting an HD signal?

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the announcement below is from the Top Tech Tidbits news letter:
There is finally a good and accessible hd radio available in the US, and you
hear about it on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday 17 August at 00:00.



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