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Alice.com is a web site that lets you purchase groceries on line, mainly bulk 
items, like toilet tissue, and anned goods.
You might want to set it up over the phone for the time being, as the site 
isn't fully accessible.

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  Hi, guys:

  I think I missed it.  What is Alice.com?
  What kinds of goodies do I get to buy?

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    Hi all,

    Before I had figured out how to do this I had sent alice.com an email 
asking if one could sign up over the phone and thought I'd share the reply I 
received today.  No doubt it will be easier to do this online, but it's nice to 
know they are so willing to help.

    Hi Betsy,

    Thanks for your interest in Alice.com! 

    We'd be happy to help you set up an account with us and by phone is 
probably the best way to do so. We do, however, want to inform you of a few 
things before going forward. You will need to give one of our representatives 
your log in and password over the phone so we can start your free account. To 
help you shop in a timely manner, we ask that you be ready with a list of 
products that you'd like added to your account upon setting it up. Finally, to 
complete your order, you would need to give us your credit card information and 
shipping address over the phone.

    Let us know if you have any questions. Our phone number is 1-877-962-5423. 
Please call at your convenience and reference case number 1175.

    Thanks and we look forward to shopping with you!

    Kind regards,

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