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FYI, in the message below the term "infrared" should be RFID:

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Subject: FW: Accessible Prescription Label Program Now Free For Blind
FYI  Important information provided by Jane Pikula, senior Rehabilitation
Her message is below followed by the article.
Good afternoon, everyone.
I have been made aware of the following program, and have copied the press
(below) off En-Vision America's website.  This prescription-reading device
is being
made available to all blind Americans, regardless of income level or what
they have.  All a blind person needs to do is contact En-Vision America, let
know that they are interested in the ScripTalk device, and the name of the
they use.  En-Vision America is working with the major pharmacy chains, to
get them
onboard with this program.  The pharmacy chains are saying that there isn't
need for them to spend the money to provide the infrared labels needed to
allow the
ScripTalk to read prescription labels to blind users.  If enough people
contact En-Vision
America, they can prove that the need is out there.  The way that the
program works:
A blind patient receives the ScripTalk Station unit.  The pharmacy provides
labels that they affix to the medication bottles.  These infrared labels are
read by the ScripTalk unit in the blind person's home.  These labels contain
the information that a sighted person would have available to him, including
dosage information, side effects, script number, doctor's name, etc.  Please
your client's know about this program.  It could prevent serious injury to
who did not have proper access to medication labels.
Jane Pikula
Senior Rehabilitation Specialist
For Immediate Release
Accessible Prescription Label Program Now Free For Blind Americans
Normal, IL  3/15/11 - En-Vision America, Inc. has announced a new program to
the blind and visually impaired in obtaining accessible prescriptions. Under
Pharmacy Freedom Program, eligible individuals may obtain a free ScripTalk
patient reader that will allow them to access their prescription label
Participating pharmacies attach a small RFID label to each prescription,
all printed information. This provides a safe, private and independent way
for the
blind and visually impaired to manage their medication regimen, as well as
pharmacies to comply with
ADA regulations in serving their patients. Interested individuals may
contact En-Vision
 to get their free reader and provide pharmacy details. Pharmacies concerned
meeting the needs of their special needs patients may also contact the
company for
more information about the program.
ScripTalk Station is a cutting-edge technological solution for prescription
information access. It has been adopted by the Veteran's Administration for
use in
their facilities across the country. ScripTalk utilizes RFID
(radio-frequency identification)
and TTS (text-to-speech) technologies to allow those that cannot read their
labels a way to access the information. It is the only product on the market
to provide
full label information in a manner that meets
ADA, FDCA and HIPAA regulations.
David Raistrick, Vice-President, says "We are pleased to be able to offer
this new
program to sight impaired folks in the U.S.
  Now safety and peace of mind are free for patients when taking potentially
En-Vision America, Inc. is a company providing high-tech products aimed at
problems for those with visual or print impairments. Located in Normal,
En-Vision America
 has successfully introduced several voice-enabled products such as i.d.
, the talking bar code reader, and ScripTalk, the talking pharmaceutical
Originally founded by Philip C. and David B. Raistrick in 1996, the
cornerstone of
the company was based upon one single premise: To provide customers with
independence through technology.
For additional information contact:
Anna McClure
En-Vision America
1845 Hovey Ave.
Normal, IL 61761
Fax: 309-452-3643

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