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Hi my name is Dale I'm a new member of TCB I was wondering if you considered 
contacting Willy megs our district Atty. I believe he supersedes all law or the 
jurisdiction in this area for law maybe he can help you out thanks bye

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> HI Chip,
> I think that is a very good suggestion.  I have tried to get a email address 
> for Chief DeLeo and after I talked to 3 different people and Sila did the 
> same no one new it.  I then called TPD and ask to speak to the chief.  He 
> wasn't in so I ask if they could have him return my call. This was on Sunday. 
>  The dispatcher who no longer are actually part of TPD any more kept trying 
> to get me to talk to the watch commander and I had to persist that wasn't who 
> I wanted to talk to.  She finally took my number and said she would pass my 
> request to guess who, the  watch commander.  So far I haven't received a call 
> from our new chief.  I also got a response from the hearing officer and 
> responded to him.
> It's pasted below.
> I was also suppressed to find out that traffic cases have no transcripts or 
> recordings and this particular hearing officer has a private practice and so 
> far I haven't been able to find out if he is a actual employ of the court 
> system or just has a contractor to provide services.
> My whole impression of the experience reeks of unperfeshinoalism.
> Robert
> Dear Mr. Roberts,
> Your justification for your decision makes absolutely no sense and apparently 
> you
> didn't listen to anything I said at the hearing.  If you would take the time 
> to think
> about what you are saying and consider the facts and logic you would know 
> what the
> driver and the other two witness said is impossible.
> 1 first you and the witness say that the truck was well in to his turn before 
> I reached
> the intersection.
> I told you that I approached the corner turned right walked approximately 
> five feet
> to the pole with the button for the audible signal.  I pressed the button, 
> turned
> around and walked back to the curb and when the audible chirp started waited 
> until
> the vehicle on Killearn center which was coming toward me had cleared the 
> first lane
> before I proceeded to cross Village Square.  If Mr... truesdell had already 
> started
> making his turn before I was at the intersection then he should have already 
> cleared
> the intersection by the time I got to the corner, walked up to the pole to 
> push the
> button turned around walked back to the intersection and waited for the 
> traffic to
> start coming toward me.  Why was he still  in the cross walk when I got hit? 
> I am
> blind but not deaf so the fact that the driver said the intersection was 
> clear was
> a lie and if you look at the report filed by officer Thompson, if memory 
> serves me
> correctly it will support this fact. so one vehicle had already crossed the 
> intersection
> coming toward me and is the vehicle that Mr. Truesdell turned behind.  How 
> would
> I know this if I hadn't approached the intersection before Mr... Truesdell 
> started
> making his turn.
> When the dog stopped I was near the front of his trailer, I know this because 
> I could
> hear the location of the engine and stood there very close to the truck as it 
> passed
> and was struck by a blinker that was sticking out about mid ways of the 
> trailer.
> I know this because there was another witness who wasn't given a notice to 
> appear.
> It was the lady that made the call to 911 that told me about the blinker. She 
> had
> a small baby in the car but gave her name and number to the lady witness that 
> you
> seemed to thingk was so credible.  This witness was also referred to in 
> Officer thompsons
> report and actually saw the whole incident. In fact she was standing by me 
> while
> I was still laying in the street and handed me her cell phone to tell the 911 
> operator
> whether I needed a ambulance or not.    Did you check or ask Mr.. truesdell 
> if his
> trailer had a blinker that stuck out mid ways of the trailer.  The facts that 
> prove
> this is the fact that I had a bruise on my right arm mid way between my elbow 
> and
> shoulder.  You ask Mr.. truesdell if he stopped and he said yes but you never 
> determined
> where and when he stopped.  Yes he did stop but only after his entire truck 
> and trailer
> had cleared the cross walk.  Where he should have stopped was on Killearn 
> Center
> and waited for the next green light when there wasn't a blind pedestrian 
> attempting
> to cross the street.
>  How is a blind person suppose to know a vehicle is going to make a turn? 
> hence the
> purpose of the White Cane law.
> All of this aside, there are only two elements needed to affect a violation 
> of the
> White Cane law.  The first being that a blind person with a white cane or 
> guide dog
> is attempting to cross a street.  The second is that a vehicle doesn't stop 
> for that
> person.  It doesn't say anything about if a  vehicle is well in to there 
> turn.  It
> doesn't say the blind person has to be hit and it doesn't say anything about 
> where
> or what part of a vehicle the blind person impacts.  it simply says the 
> driver is
> required to stop and if they don't it is a violation of the law. Case closed.
> This is exactly why I asked you to please read the law and in fact am amazed 
> that
> you didn't prior to the hearing or at least you didn't indicate that you had. 
> If
> you are familiar with the Florida pedestrian safety law then you would know 
> that
> as long as a pedestrian is obeying a traffic signal then a motor vehicle is 
> required
> to yield to the pedestrian.
> Although it is erivelent, Next you say
>  ).  The eyewitnesses (two) further stated
> that it looked like your guide dog stopped and your momentum carried him into 
> the
> rear portion of trailer
> . According to all witnesses, you impacted the rear portion of the trailer 
> which
> is consistent with the fact that that the truck had almost cleared the turn 
> before
> you reached the intersection.
> I am not sure what you are saying here but it sounds like you are saying my 
> forward
> momentum carried the dog in to the trailer.  There is no way the dog could 
> have been
> carried in to the trailer, he isn't tall enough. he would have went under the 
> trailer.
> As far as me impacting the trailer, that isn't true either.  If you run in to 
> a wall
> what is the first part of your body to hit? your head or possibly your feet, 
> believe
> me I know.  Was there any indication or testimony that my feet had been run 
> over
> or that I had any injuries to my head? no. If you noticed when I approached 
> the podium
> walking with my dog, his rear flanks are near my left leg which means his 
> head and
> nose are around 2.5 to 3 feet in front of me.  If I had had impacted the 
> trailer
> at any point the dog would have been under the trailer and if the truck was 
> moving,
> he would have been run over hence the testimony you place so much value on is 
> a bunch
> of crap.
>   Robert
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> Gary Roberts
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> 'Easy Talk'
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> Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 2:53 PM
> Subject: RE: injustice for the blind
> My Reasoning for my decision to dismiss the citation:
> The independent eyewitnesses said the truck (a tractor/trailer) was turning 
> well
> into the intersection
> before you and your his guide dog reached the intersection
> .   This supported the position taken by the truck driver (who stated that 
> the intersection
> was totally clear and he had almost completed his turn when he looked back 
> [for a
> second time] a saw you and stopped his truck).  The eyewitnesses (two) 
> further stated
> that it looked like your guide dog stopped and your momentum carried him into 
> the
> rear portion of trailer
> . According to all witnesses, you impacted the rear portion of the trailer 
> which
> is consistent with the fact that that the truck had almost cleared the turn 
> before
> you reached the intersection.
> I discounted the testimony by the truck driver and placed great weight on the 
> two
> eyewitness.  Your testimony was very credible however; the eyewitness account 
> supported
> the testimony of the truck driver along with your account.  I am very strict 
> in protecting
> the rights of the visually impaired and all citizens in general.  As read 
> F.S. 316.1301
> (2):
> Whenever a pedestrian is crossing, or attempting to cross, a public street or 
> highway,
> guided by a dog guide or carrying in a raised or
>             extended position a cane or walking stick which is white in color 
> or
> white tipped with red, the driver of every vehicle approaching the
>             intersection or place where the pedestrian is attempting to cross 
> shall
> bring his or her vehicle to a full stop before arriving at such
>             intersection or place of crossing and, before proceeding, shall 
> take
> such precautions as may be necessary to avoid injuring such pedestrian.
>             A person who is convicted of a violation of this subsection is 
> guilty
> of a moving violation punishable as provided in chapter 318.
> In this case, the testimony was that the truck was driving very slowly while 
> trying
> to negotiate a turn and the truck and the trailer had almost completed the 
> turn before
> you reached the intersection, how can I ignore that testimony, if I did I 
> would not
> be fit to hold my position.  I am sorry that you are taking the position that 
> an
> injustice was done but the independent evidence just did not help me rule in 
> your
> favor, thank you for your email and your concerns,
> Gary A. Roberts, Esq.
> The Law Offices of
> Roberts & Meeks, P.L.
> 130 Salem Court
> Tallahassee, FL 32301-2810
> 850-513-0505
> 850-513-0318-fax
> Email:garyr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Web:
> www.robertsmeekslaw.com
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> Subject: injustice for the blind
> Case #2013 TR 037367
> Citation # 5067GYO or 0
> Defendant: Wesley Truesdell
> Dear Hearing Officer Roberts:
> I am writing to express my dismay at your decision to dismiss charges in the 
> above
> referenced case.  Your decision has set a precedence that has caused a major 
> injustice
> to blind citizens of Florida.
> If you will recall, I ask you to please read the White Cane Safety law before 
> making
> your decision. Apparently, you did not do this, or you do not care about the 
> safety
> of blind pedestrians, or you have no regard for the importance of the White 
> Cane
> Safety law.  It is also apparent that you, as most sighted individuals aren't 
> aware
> of the many blind people that have been struck by vehicles in the state of 
> Florida
> and in many cases, the drivers leave the scene.  Can you give me any kind of 
> justification
> for your decision after reading the White Cane Safety law?  Based on the 
> testimony
> given at the hearing and the White Cane Safety law, I can't think of any 
> logical
> reason for your decision and question your ability to be a fair Hearing 
> Officer who
> is supposed to uphold the laws of Florida.
> It is my intent to contact the local press and the Chief of TPD to make them 
> aware
> of the injustice you are responsible for.
> I hope you will take the time to read the information below. Perhaps then 
> maybe the
> next time a blind person is hit by a vehicle, you might be able to make a 
> reasonable
> and informed decision that supports Florida law.  Can you show me anything in 
> the
> White Cane Safety law that justifies your decision?
> I believe that Officer Thompson should be reprimanded for not showing up for 
> the
> hearing. It also amazes me that you are a Traffic Hearing Officer who is 
> totally
> unaware of the vehicle and pedestrian problem in Tallahassee and Leon County. 
>  Within
> the last 9 months, there was an article in the Tallahassee Democrat that 
> stated between
> 2010 and 2012, over 187 pedestrians were struck on Tennessee Street near FSU. 
>  Since
> I was hit in August, over 8 other pedestrians have been struck, causing 
> serious injury
> and in some cases, death.  If you continue to render decisions as you did in 
> this
> case, the situation will only get worse.
> Shame on you!
> Robert Miller
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> From: Chip Orange
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> Subject: [tabi] a suggestion for the white cane law
> Maybe the TCB and the NFB should have a joint meeting at the lighthouse 
> (inviting anyone from the public who is interested), and get the new TPD 
> chief to come and talk on the white cane law and exactly what it means?  Let 
> him know ahead of time that this is what the desired topic is, in order to 
> give him time to prepare and research his presentation.  This way, we can get 
> questions such as the one Robert raises here answered definitively.  It would 
> also serve to put the TPD on notice, in a very polite and low-key way, that 
> we expect the law to be enforced.
> Chip
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> Subject: [tabi] Re: Today is a sad and shameful day
> Amnd the other sad thing is that the hearing officer can't even read the 
> White Cane law and comprehend what he just read.  He gave the reason for his 
> decision was that the truck was already initiating his turn which is exactly 
> what the white cane Law says you don do.  It says every vehicle shall stop to 
> allow the pedestrian to safely cross the street and has no exemptions for 18 
> wheelers.  The driver said he had already started making his turn which to me 
> is addition that the White Cane Law was violated.
>  The law says stop not start turning.
> I firmly believe the whole thing was rigged from the get go.  This guy came 
> all the way from Miami with out a lawyer and the cop doesn't show up.  Sounds 
> fishy to me.
> Having a degree in Criminology and working in law enforcement I know if a cop 
> wants to get a case thrown out just don't show up.  There was another witness 
> who actually saw the whole thing and made the call to 911,  left since she 
> had a small baby in the  car but gave her phone number to another witness 
> which was given to the officer  she was never contacted by the police and 
> wasn't summonsed to appear.  The witness that the judge based his decision on 
> was about half a block down from the intersection and didn't actually see me 
> get hit since there were other cars between me and her.  For some reason the 
> hearing officer said I got hit by the back of the trailer which is totally 
> wrong.  I never got hit by the trailer any where, a blinker that was sticking 
> out about mid ways of the trailer is what hit me and I know this because the 
> witness that left told me that is what happen and she was standing right by 
> me while I was still laying in the road and she handed me her phone to talk 
> to the 911 operator. Anyone who uses a guide dog knows that the dogs back 
> flanks are near your left leg which means the dog could be 2.5 to 3 feet in 
> front of you.  If I had been hit by the trailer Sherman would be dead.
> Robert
> This nothing but good old boys doing there good old buddies favors.
> Robert
> Robert
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> Subject: [tabi] Re: Today is a sad and shameful day
> It is my understanding that if the investigating officer doesn't show up for 
> court, the charges and the case are almost always dismissed. In all 
> probability, Officer Thompson knew what she was doing. How truly sad this all 
> is. Even worse, how truly scary it is for us!!
> Shelley
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> From: Sila Miller
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> Subject: [tabi] Today is a sad and shameful day
> Good morning All,
> As many may recall, Robert was struck by a semi truck while crossing a street 
> here in Tallahassee, in August. The driver, doubtless, trying to save his 
> commercial driver’s license contested the charge and a non-jury trial was set 
> for January 15th. 
> Three witnesses (including Robert BUT NOT investigating Officer Thompson who 
> did not show up for court) testified at that trial about the events 
> surrounding the incident. It was established by all witnesses during 
> testimony that Robert was indeed obeying traffic signals. One witness stated, 
> “The dog should have never left the curb”. Defendant, Wesley Truesdell 
> testified that Robert walked into the truck which he’d brought to a stop when 
> he finally saw Robert. Presiding Hearing Officer, Gary Roberts seemed 
> thorough and fair to me and I was hopeful that the right decision would be 
> forthcoming, as he promised to read the White Cane Safety law.
> Unfortunately, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Today when we went to the 
> website for Leon County Traffic Court, we found that case #2013 TR 037367 
> against Defendant: Wesley Truesdell was DISMISSED.
> I amended to Robert’s early August message which basically outlines events as 
> they unfolded for him. I do not know if the White Cane Safety law has ever 
> been challenged in court before but I am afraid that this will set precedence 
> for a safe future for blind pedestrians. I am appalled at decisions made by 
> law enforcers who are supposed to protect the rights, not privileges of 
> citizens. I have, and will maintain that driving is a privilege, while 
> walking (crossing streets) safely is a right.
> Any recourse is gone now, as re-charging Mr. Truesdell would be 
> double-jeopardy. I could not feel more like a second-class citizen or less 
> protected by authorities. What of the Mayor’s White Cane proclamation in 
> October? What of Sherman’s medal of valor? How could someone “walk into a 
> truck” and get a bruise on the area of the upper-arm as Robert had? What of 
> Mr. Truesdell’s change in story which caused Tallahassee Police personnel to 
> decide to charge him after all? Is the investigating officer’s absence (lack 
> of testimony) representative that the police department actually believes Mr. 
> Truesdell is not at fault? Is Robert’s persistence in demanding that Mr. 
> Truesdell be charged with the White Cane Safety law and upsetting Officer 
> Thompson who wasn’t going to charge Mr. Truesdell with a violation an excuse 
> for not upholding the White Cane Safety law, clearly broken, even if Robert 
> “walked into that truck”? Am I reading the White Cane Safety law incorrectly 
> to believe that the driver is at fault for entering the intersection while a 
> blind pedestrian was in process of crossing with a guide dog?
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> Subject: Re: [fcb-l] Fw: [tabi] Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With 
> DeathAt An Intersection
> Just getting law enforcement to be aware of the White Cane law would be a 
> major step and more important is getting them to have the right attitude.  In 
> both cases where I was hit I had to demand that the driver be charged with 
> violating the White cane law.  As soon as you ask the officer if they are 
> aware of the law, they get defensive and cop the attitude that you are trying 
> to tell them how to do there job.  The first time I was hit, the officer did 
> charge the driver but when I got home, I got a call from the officer and he 
> told me he was going to resend the ticket since the driver of the car behind 
> the one that hit me saw me push the wrong button.  In my most recent 
> situation, the officer told me she wasn't going to site the driver since he 
> was driving a semi and they take more room to make a turn  and he was already 
> making his turn when I started to cross the street which was a lie.
>  The street I was crossing was 3 lanes and I was almost across the second 
> lane and approaching the third lane when he made a rolling right turn on 
> green.at which point when Sherman stopped, I was about 18 inches from the 
> truck, As I was cursing the driver, a blinker sticking out about mid ways of 
> the trailer hit me on the back of my right arm and knocked me down since I 
> had Sherman's leash in my right hand.
> At some point I transferred Sherman's leash to my left hand and as I was 
> falling, Sherman pulled me back and to the left which is what kept me from 
> going under the truck.  The first thing the driver said when he got out of 
> his truck was, I didn't see you man, I'm sorry.  By the time the officer 
> arrived on the scene The driver figured out, it wouldn't be a good thing to 
> tell the cop he didn't see me so he told her he saw me waiting to cross the 
> street but he was already making his turn and basically I walked in to the 
> side of his truck.
> When I tried to explain all this to the officer, she was having no part of it 
> and          kept saying what the other witnesses said of which there were 3 
> other than the driver and the 3 witnesses certainly didn't say to me what the 
> officer was saying so I ask her what witnesses she was referring to and she 
> said she was talking about the driver of the truck.  I ask her what about 
> what I was telling her, that I was a witness and I was there and I was still 
> alive.  I certainly got the impression she thought since I couldn't see I 
> wasn't a credible witness.  This pissed me off and so I told her, lets look 
> at the evidence and explained to her based on where I was hit by the blinker 
> and   where I was in the road there is no way the accident could have 
> happened the way the driver said it did. After standing out in the sun for 45 
> minutes while the cop was in her car talking to her sergeant and dispatch, 
> she came back and I ask her if she had read the white cane law she said yes.  
> I          then ask her if she was going to site the driver and she said no.  
> She said I was free to go.  I told her she hadn't heard the last of this and 
> when I got home, I called the police department and spoke to SGT Simms and 
> explained basically what I have posted here and he backed the officer's 
> decision and even inferred for some time she didn't even know I was blind and 
> the driver didn't either.  I informed SGT Simms they would be hearing from my 
> attorney.  I called back a few minutes later to request a copy of the police 
> report and by that time things had changed and I was informed that the driver 
> had been sited for violating the White Cane law but they weren't going to 
> site him for violation of the pedestrian safety law.
> Until we get the legislation passed we have been trying for the last 3 years 
> each incident will be your own battle but isn't going to do anything to 
> change things state wide.
> If you want to read how screwed up what some sighted people thing about blind 
> people and the White Cane law, go to wctv.tv and open the link to the article 
> and then hit space bar on the like button.  the comments start after the 
> third header on the page.
> Robert
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> Subject: Re: [fcb-l] Fw: [tabi] Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With Death 
> At An Intersection
> Good for you Mike! As far as you your quest for solid white miniature candy 
> canes attach to the law we did that in Orlando many many years ago when we 
> went back to do it for the last time the manufacture of the candy canes that 
> gave us white candy canes a quick Mcmanimon know we could get was the red and 
> white or gray and whiiings. Good luck to you as I worked  hard on finding 
> another manufacturer that would provide us with a solid white miniatur to no 
> avail. As far as getting the public To become familiar with the Whit can e 
> law, it will be in matter of consistency 
> by our law enforcement community to site people when they make the infraction 
> of this law and to continue doing so here and you're out it is also a wise 
> idea, I believe, to educate the new young drivers through high schools etc.. 
> Consistency in longevity yin my opinion through these law enforcement efforts 
> will be the only way people will actually realize this law is there to be 
> followed I believe also we will save many many lives in the long run. Kudo to 
> your efforts, Kirk
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> On Aug 4, 2013, at 7:35 PM, "Mike Ulrich" <mulrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Holy cow Robert!
> Glad to have you back among the living breathing and still walking!
> Speaking of Too close for comfort close calls, I will be working with our 
> City of Cape Coral Police Department’s Public Affairs Officer; Lieutenant     
>        Tony Sizemore with a new program.
> This will be a program in which the traffic officers will be handing out 
> warnings to motorists breaking the right turn on red law, and blocking of 
> Pedestrian cross walks, that is, stopping past the stop bar.
> At least this is where it stands as of now. I intend on bumping it up to 
> include educating the driving public on the White Cane Law of Florida. But it 
> is now at the first step of the poker game! Know what I mean?
> What I’d really like to do, is to get the officers to hand out a card with 
> the Florida White Cane Law printed on it along with a kind of candy cane type 
>  candy, but  shaped like a white cane!
> I’m having a hard time locating a candy making company that could make these 
> White Cane candies in bulk, at either a pro-bono price or at as little price 
> as possible.
> The Police Department will be blasting out this program to all of its Social 
> Networks and through the local media outlets as a program of the Cape Coral 
> Police Department  in cooperation with the Southwest Florida Council of the 
> Blind.
> They will be doing this program  as a two pronged approach. Starting right 
> now, and during the week of October 15 National White Cane Safety Week!
> I am looking very much forward to working with the CCPD with this whole 
> program, but it all depends on the driving public actually remembering not 
> only the White Cane Law, but to look out for all pedestrians in general, and 
> that’s always the big crap shoot! Ain’t it?
> Good luck to all, and let’s be careful out there!........Mike
> Michael D. Ulrich
> President
> Southwest Florida Council of the Blind
> “Providing Insight for Blindness”
> Home phone: 239-540-7431
> Cell phone: 239-565-5845
> Email: mulrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Subject: [fcb-l] Fw: [tabi] Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With Death At 
> An Intersection
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> Subject: [tabi] Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With Death At An 
> Intersection
>  Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With Death At An Intersection 8-3-13 11pm
> By: Bailey Myers
> August 3rd, 2013
> Tallahassee FL - A blind Tallahassee man had a brush with death Saturday at 
> the intersection
> of Killearn Center Boulevard and Village Square.
> Robert Miller explained, "If it wasn't for him...um...you would be doing a 
> different
> story."
> It's a story about his seeing eye dog, Sherman, who saved his life. Robert 
> Miller
> has been blind since he was born, and has depended on his seeing eye dogs 
> since he
> was seventeen, but on Saturday that bond between man and dog was tested.
> "He lunged to the left and back, pulling me away from the truck," Miller said.
> Miller also said Sherman stopped him in the middle of the cross walk before a 
> semi-truck
> rounding the corner was able to fully hit him. Instead it only hit his right 
> arm,
> knocking him over in the middle of the intersection.
> "And I've been hit twice at that intersection, and it could very well have 
> cost me
> my life," said Miller.
> Both Miller and his wife Sila, who is also legally blind, take that walk 
> every day.
> Hoping that people obey the traffic laws.
> Particularly one law, Florida's White Cane Law, which states: "Whenever a 
> pedestrian
> is crossing... guided by a dog guide or carrying in a raised or extended 
> position
> a cane... the driver of every vehicle approaching the intersection...shall 
> bring
> his or her vehicle to a full stop. "
> The difficulty is, it doesn't seem like many people know about the law. When 
> asked,
> 'Have you ever hear of the white cane law' one passer by said, "No I've never 
> hear
> of that."
> Eyewitness News Reporter Bailey Myers asked more than a dozen passersby, and 
> they
> all had the same answer, 'No, I don't know it.'
> According to Miller even the police officer who arrived after he was hit 
> didn't know
> about it either.
> Robert's wife Sila Miller said, "It's very frustrating when your independence 
> is
> compromised like that by someone just being in a hurry or not paying 
> attention."
> Both of the Millers have been hit by a car at that intersection. Now, they 
> just            hope
> Florida's Legislature addresses the issue and work to get the word out about 
> the
> White Cane Law.
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> _______________________________________________
> fcb-l mailing list
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> http://www.acb.org/mailman/listinfo/fcb-l

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