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My apologies to everyone for not changing the subject on this message.



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If I could offer suggestions on things that would help everyone as well as
the disabled (speaking up here as instructed):


Please ask StarMetro to consider placing their route data on the Google
transit system.  There are many free apps (I am writing one right now) which
can then present the data from Google, as part of a complete set of
instructions, as to how a person might need to walk and make use of the
transit system to get from point A to point B.  Their instructions tell you
exactly which streets to walk to; where the bus stop is located; what time
the bus stops there and which one you should take, and how many stops later
you should disembark from the bus, along with the remainder of your walking
(or transfer) instructions.  They are amazingly clear and easy to use.


Over 100 cities already participate on Google transit, and Google does this
absolutely for free; and says they will help any city having a problem
getting their data in the correct format.


This makes use of the transit system by a blind person much easier, as users
of my app in other cities are already telling me.  It completely replaces
the paper maps and the inaccessible route planner from StarMetro with
something accessible and maintained by someone else!  We all win.






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