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thanks so much for telling us.

maybe I could write some window eyes scripts to make it work better; I'll
look at it when I can.


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This site has great potential, but my first 45 minutes with it have been a
little frustrating.  I had to load window eyes to even see the sign up
process and it still wasn't labeled very well so had to guess what they
wanted in the fields.  Lots of trial and error.  So far, browsing is tedious
and I cannot add products to my list; nothing happens, but the selection is
good and I'll keep playing until I figure it out.
All that to say, not too user friendly yet, but I think it will be worth the
effort to make it work.

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        Hi all,
        here's a very interesting article from unclutterer.com
        Convenient dry goods delivery from Alice.com
        A couple months ago, I was given the opportunity to be a beta-beta
tester for
        . (A gamma tester?) It's a dry goods grocery delivery service where
you place an
        order online and then have the items shipped directly to your home.
        The prices are comparable to what you might find in a big box store
like Costco or
        Sam's Club, but the products are sized like what you would buy in a
grocery store
        or pharmacy. All with the added convenience of not having to go to a
store (and there
        is no charge for shipping). You can set up a shopping list and
reminders, so that
        every few weeks or a couple times a year (you set the schedule) you
receive a notification
        from Alice.com telling you that you might be getting low on toilet
paper or deodorant
        or shampoo.
        I've gone shopping on Alice, paid for my order, and received a
shipment. For as much
        as I ordered, I was genuinely surprised at how little packaging they
used. It all
        fit in a reasonably sized box and the box broke down easily to go
into our recycling
        bin. Everything about the process was convenient.
        And I think that is why I liked it so much. It's convenient. I'm
incredibly busy
        and the last thing I want to do is have to run to the store to pick
up toilet paper
        when we inevitably run out at 10:00 at night. Now, I get a notice
once a month asking
        me if I need toilet paper, and if my supplies are low, I order more.
I make a few
        clicks with my mouse in less than a minute and toilet paper appears
two days later.
        Right now, since they're still in beta, they're only carrying the
major brands. But,
        they're in negotiations with smaller manufacturers to increase their
inventory. They
        actually carried my favorite brand of all of the supplies I ordered,
so I didn't
        notice that anything was missing. During testing, though, I noted
one or two types
        of products that weren't on their inventory and
         after I suggested the product it appeared on the list a few days
later. So, I know
        they're listening to consumer requests. The interface is easy to
use, too, and these
        cute little cartoon people guide you through the site:
        I think about my friends who have infants at home and barely have
time to shower,
        and how nice it would be for them if diapers just appeared on their
doorsteps. I
        think about my friends who live in downtown New York who have to
take 20 minute train
        rides to get to the closest big box store, and how much time it
would save them if
        their dry good items could simply be delivered. Since I buy the vast
majority of
        my food through our local farmer's market, Alice.com saves me from
having to make
        a second shopping trip to the grocery store. It's extremely
convenient for busy people.
        It removes an errand/chore from my weekly schedule and allows me to
spend that time
        doing something that matters more to me. It's simple and
uncluttered, for my life.
        Granted, this service isn't for everyone. If you like going to the
grocery store
        and smelling products and first touching what you're going to buy,
then you won't
        like getting your dry goods delivered. It also takes 15 to 20
minutes to put together
        your initial order (at least that is what it took me) which isn't
much of a time
        saver on that first trip. Subsequent trips are just seconds,
however, since you have
        an established shopping list. Also, if you buy a lot of small
production goods, it
        might take a while for those to become available as contracts are
negotiated between
        Alice and those manufacturers.
        What do you think about dry goods being delivered to your door? To
me, it's a lot
        like Netflix or Amazon, just with the specific grocery angle. If
you're interested
        in trying it for yourself, you can sign up for a free account and be
a beta tester,
        too, at

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