[tabi] a new, different, Surge Protector

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Hi all,

below is an email from Allison; she found an unusual surge protector, and I
was reminded last week, when I lost a surge protector/ups (but not the
equipment!), to a power surge during a storm.

that old surge protector had a whole host of power transformers I needed to
plug in, and there wasn't room, so it had a rats-nest of extension cables
with multiple outlets, to allow me to plug everything in.

the surge protector below expands to fit the size of each adapter.  the web
site gives you a short video, and a short text description, offers a 30-day
money-back guarantee, and allows you to order it.

It's also white, which Allison thinks is the most important feature!


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White and grows and shrinks to accomodate the size of the big bricks so that
no outlet is ever blocked.

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