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One other thing I can say in Total Quality Roofing's favor: we decided on a
shingle from GAF (made in America) with a life-time warranty on both
materials and labor (50 years is the lifetime).  In order to get this, you
must use a roofer certified by GAF as a "master elite" installer, and they
will come to your house about 30 days after the job is done and inspect the
entire roof.  If they find anything at all not done properly, they will be
responsible for getting it fixed, by having the roofer back and his expense
(not yours).  If they find any materials which have anything wrong with
them, they will pay to have them replaced.  If the roofer goes out of
business in the future, they will take over the warranty on your roof.


There are only two "master elite" certified roofers by GAF in the Leon
county area.  This is something the roofer must constantly be recertified to
continue with, and we know of at least one roofer in this area who did lose
his "master elite" certification from GAF, so they are aggressive in
checking on roofers.


This program is called the GAF "Golden Pledge" and it is something the
roofer does charge extra for, so if you were wanting this as part of your
roofing job, you would need to discuss it with the roofer; he will tell you
what products are required, and what the up-charge is for the warranty.




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Hi Denyece,


His name is Kevin Schwarz and his number is 222-roof (222-7663).  His
company is Total Quality Roofing.


We thought he was excellent, but he will not be the cheapest.  He keeps
permanent employees on his payrole (which is one thing we were looking for;
many other roofers only maintain a job foreman and they hire "pickup labor"
for each job).  He's also a general contractor, and so can dn will make
repairs to your house as needed when doing a roofing job (it's not at all
uncommon to find some rotton wood when replacing a roof).


We did not price-bid our job, but Kevin says he usually falls in the middle
when someone does get a lot of bids for a job.







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Chip, thanks for the information.  Please provide me with the number of the
contractor you used for your roof; because I'm compiling a list of
contractors to use in the near future for my home.

Thanks for all you do!----- Original Message ----- 

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Hi all,


FYI, if you are a home owner, Florida law says if your roof meets certain
roofing standards, your home owners insurance company must give you a
discount for this which runs in the $300 to $600 per year range!


The term for this discount is the "wind mitigation" discount.  It requires
an inspection by someone who is a general contractor in order to fill out
the form claiming your discount.  


The discount hinges on you having a certain type of hurricane clip in use on
your roof, nailing done at a minimum spacing, a self-sealing barrier
installed on top of the roof decking, etc.  If you've had a new roof
installed in the last few years it's possible you qualify (you may want to
ask your roofer and then arrange for a general contractor to perform the
inspection).  However, if you are about to have a new roof installed, now is
the time to arrange with the roofer to install one which meets the wind
mitigation requirements.


Some roofers are also certified as general contractors, and as part of the
package they will provide you, then can offer not only a roof which meets
the requirements, but also offer you the service of performing the
certification and filling out the needed paperwork.


We just had such a roofer put on a new roof for us (Kevin Schwartz of Total
Quality Roofing), but I'm sure others must be general contractors, or can
help you in finding a general contractor to do this part.


In addition to saving you this money every year, the self-sealing barrier
can go a long way towards guaranteeing you no leaks in the future, so it's
not just about the insurance discount.


Unfortunately, one reason I'm mentioning this now is because many Florida
home owners insurance companies are inspecting the roofs of their customers,
and are sending out notices which say in essence that your roof is not in
good enough condition, and you must replace it or we will cancel your
policy.  I know several people who have received such letters from their


Don't be surprised if roofers don't always get right back to you; the summer
is their busiest time, and we just finished with our roof being installed,
after starting back in March to work with roofers, and signing our contract
in April!  If you can wait, you might ask the roofer what time of year would
be best for him to come and work with you.






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