[tabi] a company seeks volunteers to evaluate audio sounds

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  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 14:35:51 -0400

I saw the announcement below on another mailing list:

(If you prefer an explanation in French, please scroll down.)

As a part of the project NAVIG (http://navig.irit.fr/ <http://navig.irit.fr/> 
), we invite you 

to participate in a brief (20 minute) audio categorization and 

evaluation test of sounds designed for a navigation aid for the 

visually impaired. Your participation in this test will be very 

helpful in our assessment of the sound syntax developed to provide 

information along a trajectory. The test is not reserved to only those 

people with visual impairments.

The purpose of the NAVIG project is to augment the autonomy of 

individuals with visual impairments, allowing them to arrive at 

desired destinations in a more reliable and secure way without 

interfering with normal travel behavior. Guidance information along 

the route will be provided with 3D sounds, using acoustically 

transparent bone conduction headphones. A collection of "sound 

palettes" have been created to allow users to differentiate between 

types of information provided by the system (path, point of interest, 

landmark, …) while giving the possibility of customizing the system to 

each users aesthetic choices.

The results of this test on the sound palettes created will provide us 

important feedback regarding syntactic and aesthetic choices. Your 

feedback is very valuable and will enable us to provide the best 

possible system.

The questionnaire has been tested with a variety of screen readers. If 

you have any questions, if you encounter any accessibility problems to 

the test, or if you have any comments, feel free to contact us.

All answers to this questionnaire will be treated anonymously and 

confidentially. The results will be used exclusively for the NAVIG 


To avoid any disturbances from ambient noise or interruptions, it is 

recommended that you situate yourself in a quiet room.

The test will be available until the end of October.

Please feel free to transmit this questionnaire to any lists or people 

that you think might be interested.

The test is available in both French and English.

To begin the test in English, please click the following link: 

To begin the test in French, please click the following link: 

Thank you.


Gaëtan Parseihian (PhD Student)

Audio Acoustique Team


BP 133

91403 Orsay


web : http://www.limsi.fr/Scientifique/aa/ 



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