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This is more than just a magnification for the iPhone it is a OCR kind of
like the Knfb reader that goes on the Nokia phone. It will only work on the
Iphone4, because it needs the flash and high end camber that the iPod touch
or IPad does not have or the iPhone 3gs does not have. It should work on the
new iPhone coming out this year called iphone5 and possible the new iPad if
it has a high end camera on it when it come out this year. this is the big
talk about it because as of right now there is not a good OCR app out there
for the iPhone.

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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apple also provides some enlargement with the iphone.

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        I don't recall anything like this posted to TABI, so I copied and
pasted the information I've received from NFBF Leaders.

        ai Squared (ZoomText) has developed an application for the iPhone
and iPod Touch.  Cost under $20.  See video below: 


        http://mobile.aisquared.com/ <http://mobile.aisquared.com/> 



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