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  • From: "Evelyn Worley" <eworley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:01:43 -0500

Hi everyone. Brian Waterman with StarMetro asked if I could help out with 
getting opinions and/or a consensus from the blind community about the 
following items by this Friday, 3/1. In addition to posting on TABI, feel free 
to send your comments directly to Brian at Brian.Waterman@xxxxxxxxxx . 


1.         FTA funding has now been approved to proceed with installing the 
braille signage at bus stops! It is logical to begin installing them in the 
areas where the bus routes intersect. What other areas and stops do you see as 
a priority, and why? 



2.         So far, the City and StarMetro have installed audible signals/APS at 
10 out of the 15 intersections that were identified as being "high priority." 
The rest are still in the works. A change to the priority list (see attached 
list) has been requested. When the list was originally created, it was 
determined that an audible signal/APS at Adams St. and Tennessee St. was of 
high priority. Since then, several of the buses have been re-routed to go into 
the transfer plaza, decreasing the necessity for riders to walk in the vicinity 
to make their transfers. It is being recommended that the Adams and Tennessee 
intersection be dropped to a lower priority. Instead, it is being recommended 
that the city proceed with installation of audible signals/APS at the two 
following intersections (already listed as a high priority): a) Mahan Dr. and 
Magnolia Dr. and b) Seventh Ave. and Monroe St. (near the Senior Center). 


Please weigh in on each of these topics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Evelyn Worley, COMS, CVRT
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